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PetTrackerReviews is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance to pet guardians in search of the best pet trackers for their furry friends. Our goal is to introduce pet guardians to the best solutions for pet safety and thus give our contribution to the important cause of reducing the number of lost dogs and cats in the streets and shelters across both the US and the world.

We understand that every pet is unique, which is why we do not exclusively focus on identifying the most advanced pet tracking solutions on the market. Instead, we aim to provide pet guardians with enough information to easily determine which pet tracker is the perfect fit for their pet’s individual needs. We take into consideration everything from pet weight and size to habits and activity preferences.

Apart from offering detailed and meticulously researched reviews of the best and most popular pet trackers, we provide some of the most comprehensive pet tracker comparisons available online. That way, we share our extensive knowledge about each of our featured pet trackers with our readers, allowing them to make smart decisions independently, without relying on generalized recommendations.

As independent reviewers, we do not publish paid reviews and we never will. To make it possible for our readers to access our site free of charge, we use affiliate links to cover our expenses. If you want to learn more about our sources of funding, please see our Earnings Disclosure.

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