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Helping you find the perfect pet tracker for your furry friend is rewarding in itself. However, we are not ashamed to say that in order to keep our website alive and cover our expenses, we need to earn some cash as well.

While we cannot afford to be full-on non-profit philanthropists, we are big fans of full transparency. Thus, we would like you to know that we use affiliate links for most of the pet trackers we review. This means that if you click a link on our website that takes you to the product we reviewed and you decide to buy that product, we will may earn a commission for that purchase. However, since we have reviewed many products from companies with which we are not affiliated, clicking a link may simply redirect you to the site where you can purchase the product, without any potential earnings for us.

It is important to know that by using an affiliate link, you do not pay more for the product you choose. The price you pay is equal to or lower than the retail price of the product. Therefore, by purchasing something via our affiliate link, you are doing a good deed that costs you absolutely nothing.

In addition to the affiliate programs of various pet tracker companies, we also participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As a member of this program, PetTrackerReviews receives advertising fees by featuring links to amazon.com and other sites affiliated with the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

To maintain our independence in content creation, we have decided against receiving money in exchange for positive reviews. Statistical data that shapes our ranking and scoring decisions to a reasonable extent include average conversion rates and commission-based earnings.

If you still have some questions about our earnings, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page.

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