How We Score

Here at PetTrackerReviews, we take scoring seriously, as we want to provide ratings that are accurate, fair, and reliable. To achieve this aim, we primarily base our scores on our research and customer opinion.

Our scoring process comprises 2 phases. In the first phase, we rate pet trackers on six criteria we defined in accordance with the crucial characteristics of a pet tracker. The criteria include communication range, accuracy, features, design, smartphone app, and pricing.
The scores given on individual criteria are determined in relation to the competition, meaning we adjust a tracker’s score based on how well other trackers of the same kind do in the given department.

Once we determine the scores on each criterion, we calculate the mean of all scores and use it as a raw total rating that may be further adjusted in the subsequent phase of the process. In the second phase, we compare our objective ratings with the ratings and experiences expressed in user reviews found across the web. We weed out extreme and vague user opinions and focus on those that provide concrete data.

If we find discrepancies between our ratings and the general user opinion, we introduce slight alterations to the scores in order to reflect the experiences of the majority of users. Once published, the scores are not set in stone. They are modified in accordance with the trends in the industry, possible deteriorations in device quality and craftsmanship, and other significant changes that need to be reflected in the ratings.

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