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UPDATED May. 2024
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Fi is a company that practically reinvented the dog collar by infusing it with numerous modern technologies and focusing primarily on equipping it with enough features to allow all dog owners to locate their pets and prevent them from joining more than 100 million dogs that go missing every year.

The project was started in 2017 by Johnathan Bensamoun and Loren Kirkby and quickly raised 10 million dollars from investors like Lerer Hippeau, Freestyle VC, and RRE Ventures. The company is currently headquartered in Brooklyn and invites everybody to stop by for a free Fi tennis ball.

Keep reading this honest Fi tracker review to learn more about the collar and its capabilities and see if it works for your pets.

Fi Tracker Series 2 Homepage

How Fi Tracker Works

Fi tracker comes with a GPS module that tracks your dog 24/7 on the new LTE-M network, which allows you to be aware of his or her movement even when taken out by dog walkers and/or caretakers. Fi tracker is famous for its incredible battery life so you can basically put it on and forget about it for months.

It also allows you to create safe zones and receive notifications when your dog exits the perimeter. Since the collar works perfectly fine in all US states, you will receive instant escape notifications anywhere in the country. You can create as many safe zones as you want, which makes traveling with your pet much safer and easier.

Apart from tracking your dog, Fi tracker can help you keep your pet active and healthy by hitting his or her daily, weekly, and monthly step goal, comparing the score with other dogs, and monitoring activity levels when you are not there.

One of the most prominent features offered by Fi pet tracker is the Lost Dog Mode that switches to live location tracking to help you find your pet as quickly as possible. The Lost Dog Mode also activates the red pulsing LED light on the collar, which makes it easier to spot your pet in low visibility conditions or at night. Once your collar enters the Lost Dog Mode, Fi HQ will immediately be notified and the company’s 24/7 lost dog helpline will be at your disposal.

Fi Tracker Design

The Fi collar features a durable and sturdy design with the tracking module being held in place by a tough nylon band. Note that you should not rely solely on Fi tracker as a link to your dog’s leash even though it is able to handle even the most adventurous of pets. The collar is waterproof and can even withstand salt water. Furthermore, it is chew-proof so there should not be any problems in multi-pet households.

The band comes in yellow and gray, but note that the yellow version does not have an XL size. When it comes to Fi sizing, here is your definitive guide:

  • S – Neck <13” 
  • M – 13.5” – 16.5” 
  • L – 16″ – 22.5” 
  • XL – 22″ – 34.5” 

You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck for optimal comfort. In other words, the collar should feel snug but not too tight.
fi pet tracker yellow and grey

If the band gets damaged at any given point, you can replace it by simply unlocking the end links and separating it from the module. If the end links get damaged, you can contact the company’s customer support team at Monday to Friday 10 AM – 5 PM EST.

The Fi collar features an LED indicator light. Understanding different modes will help you use the product to its full potential:

  • Solid blue – Fully charged; 
  • Pulsing blue – Charging; 
  • Pulsing red – “Lost Dog” Mode; 
  • Pulsing green – Activated, restarting, reset, the firmware has recently been updated. 

Fi Tracker Technical Specification

This part of our Fi tracker review will focus on the collar’s technical characteristics and implemented technologies.

LTE-M Network

LTE-M is a low-power cellular network specifically designed for IoT devices. It provides dog owners with ultra-long battery life and extended cellular range.


Apart from using GPS and Wi-Fi, the collar can also utilize low-power Bluetooth connection to communicate with other devices like Fitbits, Airpods, and others.

Battery (Lithium-ion – 520mAh)

As we already mentioned in this Fi tracker review, battery life is one of the most impressive features of this collar. Depending on your usage, you can go up to 3 months without recharging the battery. The battery will last up to 2 months if your dog is constantly outside of your home (Wi-Fi & GPS/cellular mixed mode), up to 3 weeks if you are using GPS without Wi-Fi, and up to 2 days in the Lost Dog Mode (with 1-minute refresh).


The Fi collar is extremely resistant to damage caused by outside influences so if you own multiple pets, they will not be able to chew through each other’s collars. Furthermore, your dog will not be able to damage the module or the band no matter how adventurous he or she is.


Unlike many other tracking collars that are only water-resistant, Fi tracker is completely waterproof and can even withstand salt water without any damage or diminished performance. Its waterproof rating is IP-68, which means you can immerse it in up to 1.5m of water without any negative consequences.

fi tracker in the water


The LTE-M network gives you 20-30% more coverage than your regular 3G/LTE networks. This means Fi will be able to track your pet in areas where 3G trackers simply do not work. Fi covers every state in the US

Fi Tracker App

The Fi app will show you your dog’s location in the primary view the moment you open the app. You can scroll the area by swiping across the map or zoom in/out by pinching and pulling your fingers together or apart. This is especially useful while setting up safe zones.

Fi Tracker App For your smartphone displaying map and location of your pet

The app is easy to use, with the first initial representing your current location and the photo of your dog representing where he or she is located. If you are together, the two icons will attach to each other. The app features the “Locator” and “Lost” buttons that point out your current location/where your dog was last recorded and activate the Lost Dog Mode, respectively.

The bottom of the screen is reserved for your dog’s activity and you can always swipe to view past activities. For more in-depth info, simply tap the steps count and toggle between Day, Week, and Month to track your pet’s progress.

Recently they’ve added another cool feature Sleep Tracking. It enables you to monitor your dog’s sleep from anywhere anytime. However, that’s not all it does as you can also their time spent napping & sleeping, nighttime interruptions, and overall restfulness. Any change in sleep patterns is an early indicator that your furry friend needs to visit the vet.

Fi Tracker Sleep Tracking Feature

The most important thing about Sleep Tracking is that enables you to be proactive with your dog’s health issues and catch them early-on. This will increase their chances of recovery significantly and give you a piece of mind knowing that you’re doing everything you can to keep your dog as healthy as he can be.

Finally, the app allows you to access Fi’s live chat support during the team’s regular business hours.

Fi Tracker Features

Let us now go over some of the most prominent features provided by the Fi tracker and see what sets it apart from other pet tracking devices.

LTE-M Network

Using LTE-M instead or regular 3G/LTE networks enables Fi tracker to provide you with extended range and track your dog’s activity in areas where traditional pet trackers simply do not work.

Durable Design

The Fi collar comes with a tough nylon band that is completely dog-proof and easy to replace. The main module is also chew-proof and built to withstand even the unruliest of pets.

Fi Tracker Features

User-Friendly Mobile App

Fi tracker comes with its own app that is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive menus and general lack of unnecessary clutter.

Long-Lasting Battery

Thanks to its low-power network and Bluetooth connectivity, Fi tracker can last up to 3 months, depending on usage.


Fi tracker allows you to set up unlimited safe zones across the US, so you will always receive instant notifications the moment your pet leaves the perimeter.

Sleep Tracking

This new feature enables you to track your sleeping habits and more from your phone. This means you can monitor time spent napping & sleeping, nighttime interruptions, and overall restfulness from anywhere in the world.

Fi Sleep Tracking for Dogs

Global Coverage

The Fi collar works in all the states and even covers some rural areas where regular 3G/LTE trackers cannot establish a viable connection.

Fi Coverage

As we already mentioned in this Fi tracker review, the unit works in any state in the US and can even track your dog in some of the rural areas that leave 3G/LTE trackers powerless and useless. However, you still need Internet access in order to view the readings on your Fi app.

How Much Does Fi Tracker Cost?

Fi tracker costs $149 and includes: 

  • Fi module 
  • Fi collar band (additional bands cost $29) 
  • Fi base 
  • USB charging cable 
  • Fi USB power adapter 

We also want to add that the price can sometimes be significantly lower, especially if you have the right coupon codes. You can save up to $70 on your Fi Tracker with some of them bringing the price of the device to just $79. Be sure to check our coupon section to find all the latest Fi Tracker coupon codes and discounts.

After purchasing the Fi tracker, you can also opt for one of the available subscription plans:

  • 1 year – $99 
  • 2 years – $186 
  • 3 years – $248 
fi pet tracker gray in the box

We should note that the collar is basically useless without a subscription since it will stop tracking your dog’s location the moment he or she leaves the Wi-Fi range of the home base. In other words, if you want to unlock GPS tracking, going with one of the subscription plans is a must. The Lost Dog Mode and live agent support are also only available to premium customers.

Once you purchase your Fi collar, you have a 30-day trial period during which you can return it for a full refund. The collar also comes with a full 1-year warranty.

Fi Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of Fi tracker pet tracker can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • LTE-M network 
  • Durable chew-proof design 
  • IP-68 waterproof 
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Global coverage 
  • Battery life up to 3 months 
  • Budget-friendly  
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • 1-year warranty 


  • Requires a subscription 
  • No 1-month subscription option 

Bottom Line

Fi tracker is a modern pet tracker primarily designed to find lost dogs and monitor their location, activity, and health on a regular basis. It allows you to set up safe zones and receive instant notifications when your pet leaves the predefined perimeter. The home base enables it to utilize Wi-Fi instead of GPS while your dog is in range in order to save battery. Speaking of battery, Fi tracker has one of the most impressive batteries on the market that can last for up to 3 months, depending on usage.

On the other hand, the collar is pretty much useless if you do not purchase one of the available subscription plans. Furthermore, the shortest plan includes a 1-year subscription so you do not have the option of going month-to-month and opting out if you so choose.

Bottom line, Fi tracker is an excellent pet tracker that will monitor your dog’s location and activity pretty much anywhere in the US with the only downside being that you have to purchase a subscription.

User Reviews (15)

Fi Tracker customer rating based on 15 user reviews.

The Fi Tracker reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Dick | May 4, 2023

    Works fine when the dog is not gone, except for when it falls apart, it is a pain in the neck to put back together. After two replacements because of it coming apart, it came off good last week. I have a good dog so there was no problem, but the collar was gone for a week until if found it about a quarter mile from the last ping, in the woods. I won’t use it again, it was a pain in the neck to get a new license, and ID tags, the rabies tag was gone, that why I wanted it back. So the app would show me where the last ping was, but the collar was 1/4 mile away, and it would not recognize where I was in relationship to it. It kept popping me around the side of the big hill. I just got lucky and found it. Actually the dog found it.

  2. Peter Leon | April 24, 2023

    My fi collar series 3 gps showed s location 300ft off actual last night. The collar broke in 3 months with the webbing snapped. The company won’t replace or refund so far. All I get is excuses.

  3. Stephen Steinberg | February 23, 2023

    FI Customer support is terrible. They do not have a chat feature, nor do they have a phone number. You chat with a bot and then you are lucky to get a response from a real person.

  4. Wendy | January 20, 2023

    It’s fascinating how bad the reviews for this company are from true customers.

    If I could give them 0 stars I would.

    The tracker is great. If you never have to reach the company for help you will love it. Should you need help you might as well just give up and walk away. They are completely incapable of supporting their products and services. I’ve been following comments about them on social media over the last week and Fi can’t even keep up with deleting them they are so frequent.

    Before you buy I suggest you look at how the CEO treats customers on Twitter. Review what people are saying about them on social media. Read the resident BBB and Trustpilot comments.

  5. David Evenson | January 19, 2023


  6. Rafe Cullop | January 16, 2023

    Okay tell they started pushing new models also the failed a firmware update killed my dogs collar and support finally said only option is to buy new module when they killed the one I had.

  7. Steve | August 31, 2021

    There is no cell service where I live, didn’t realize until after I’d ordered that cell service is required. Their support is awful, no phone number just chat or email. I emailed the same day I ordered requesting they do not ship. I received a reply saying it had already shipped. But their “When Will I Receive My Order” page says “After your order is processed and shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email containing tracking information with the expected delivery date. ” I haven’t received that email yet I was told it had already shipped. Liars? I’m guessing it hasn’t shipped but they want to put me through the misery of returning it. Hopefully I can interecept the UPS truck and refuse delivery then contest the charge to my credit card. Scammers and liars!

  8. Mike Casey | August 25, 2021

    The company has a “strict” no return policy of (30) days from date of purchase. I tried to return my unopened product a few days after the deadline. What they fail to comprehend is that many days went by from when I purchased the product and when I received the product. The (30) day clock should start ticking when I have the product in my hand, not when the on-line purchase was completed. There are many companies who make a similar product – find one who cares a little more about their customers.

  9. Warren Farber | June 27, 2021

    I have owned this device for about a month, and have attempted to track our dog three times.
    The best of the 3, the collar connected to the network about every 15 – 30 minutes. After realizing that the dog did not move much for 15 min, I was able to go close to the location and actually retrieve my dog. If the dog had not stopped, it would have been useless.

    Next best: Connected to the lost dog after about 1/2 hour (the dog was already 1.5 miles away), and then every 1/2 hour after that (maybe). While it is nice to know the general location of the animal, its fairly useless to find him!

    Worst of the three: Today, 6/21/2021. Grandkids let the dogs out. I went and turned on lost dog mode. The display currently reads “Last online 5h 1m ago” “last seen at home”. I spent $150 + $100 subscription for this?

    I know that Fi will (rightly) blame the ATT Cell network for these issues, BUT they will not allow you to try it first, or to return the device (or subscription) if it turns out to be useless to you.

    While I believe that those posting glowing reviews are having good results with this device, I will warn anyone contemplating a purchase to BE SURE THAT YOU GET A RECOMMENDATION FROM SOMEONE USING THE DEVICE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD BEFORE (POSSIBLY) WASTING YOUR MONEY (Like I did).

  10. Elise | June 25, 2021

    !!!!Don’t buy if you plan on using for several years!!! I loved the Fi collar until almost a year using it. My module stopped connecting and updating my dogs location. It was replaced under warranty and I received a new module. However this module is also defective as it won’t stay on the collar for more than a day! Why make the collar band indestructible then make the module out of plastic. They offered me 50 dollars off a new collar which is a sale they do very often. After spending hundreds of dollars with the company I am very disappointed. I just updated my subscription and will have a wasted 100 dollars unless I spend another 100 for a new module.

  11. Russell Brown | May 2, 2021

    This product is honestly 100% vaporware. It doesn’t meet any of the promises it makes and is garbage. The GPS is really slow and is really inaccurate. It’s totally worthless to actually help find the dog. One time it alerted me almost immediately, but then was wrong by 400 yards of where my dog actually was.

    Their customer service is the only thing worse than the product. It’s a total scam. Their trial periods are different and if you write them for help they really just don’t give a **** and no matter what they won’t accept a return.

    Do not buy anything from this company. 1 star is too many stars

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