Our Research

The pet tracker market is growing at a fast rate, with new pet tracking solutions revolutionizing the way we keep our pets safe. To maintain the usefulness of our content, we conduct continuous research that allows us to constantly improve the quality of our pet tracker recommendations.

When creating our reviews, comparisons, and guides, we primarily rely on the endless ocean of Internet knowledge. We dig into every corner of every pet manufacturer’s website, see what relevant authorities have to say about the pet trackers in question, and go through innumerable customer reviews to see how real users feel about the pet trackers we are interested in reviewing.

While we are often itching to test our featured pet trackers, we understand that no definitive conclusions about pet tracker quality can be drawn from short-term, geographically limited use on 1, 2 or even 10 pets. Everything that can be observed during use, from durability and obtrusiveness to accuracy and variations in range, demands long-term use in various locations on multiple pets of different sizes and activity levels in order for the findings to be reliable.

Keeping all these facts in mind, we carefully analyze reviews posted by users across the web, so we could base our assessments on thousands of experiences with different pets from around the globe instead of just our own testing results. Once we gather all the relevant information on the pet trackers we review, we conduct in-depth comparisons that allow us to reveal how each of them compares to its competitors, what makes it superior or inferior, and what kind of pets it is best suited for. This allows us to give personalized recommendations that our readers value most.

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