Invoxia Pet Tracker Review

UPDATED Apr. 2024
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Launched by French tech firm Invoxia, known for its GPS tracking devices, Invoxia pet tracker is an innovative product based on low-power networks. The fact that it uses low-consumption networks should mean that Invoxia pet tracker is more power efficient than other GPS trackers – the manufacturer promises a battery life from 1 to 3 months depending on usage. Accordingly, Invoxia markets its product as “the most autonomous tracker for dogs and cats.”

Among other key selling points, we should mention that the product enables you to track both your pet’s location and activity. It is durable and water resistant and it comes with a free 3-year subscription to a low-power network. Read our Invoxia pet tracker review to find out what exactly you can expect from this pet tracker and whether or not you should buy it.

Invoxia-Pet Tracker homepage printscreen

How Invoxia Pet Tracker Works

Invoxia pet tracker is a small tracking unit that you need to attach to your pet’s collar. To be able to use it, you need to have the Invoxia GPS app installed on your smartphone and you need to pair your smartphone with the tracker.

To determine the location of your pet, the tracker uses surrounding Wi-Fi networks and GPS. Once the tracker has managed to establish the location, it will send you the position via the low-power network.

The Invoxia GPS app on your phone allows you to track the location of your pet and notifies you when he or she wanders off too far. Using your app, you can set up a safety zone with a customizable radius around specific locations. Doing so enables you to receive a notification whenever your pet enters or exits these safety zones. If your cat or dog gets lost, you can locate them using the mobile app, which will send updates on your pet’s current location. You can get these updates every two minutes. More frequent location updates are not available with this device.

In addition to location tracking, Invoxia pet tracker provides you with several useful options for monitoring your pet’s activity levels throughout the day. You will get reports on the periods of activity and the periods of rest.

Unlike with traditional GPS trackers, Invoxia pet tracker does not require a SIM card to work. Instead of standard cellular networks, this innovative device uses low-power networks. There are two important advantages of using a low-consumption network: it allows for better battery autonomy and it is less expensive than a standard cellular network. However, limitations in coverage and signal quality are major drawbacks of low-power networks.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Design

Invoxia pet tracker is a small and durable device, convenient for everyday use. Coming in the shape of a cuboid with rounded edges and the Invoxia logo, it has a simple and elegant design. For now, the device is available only in black. It weighs as little as 0.52 oz. (15 grams), which makes it one of the lightest pet trackers available today. It has a length of 1.65 inches (42 mm), a width of 0.94 inches (24 mm), and a thickness of 0.67 inches (17 mm). Invoxia pet tracker is made of high-quality plastic materials so you should be able to safely use it in all activities with your playful furry companions.

Invoxia Pet Tracker design

It is very important to correctly attach Invoxia pet tracker to your pet’s collar using the elastic band that comes with the device. The elastic band is reliable and easy to use, allowing you to easily attach the device to any kind of collar you wish to put on your pet. Being tiny and lightweight, Invoxia pet tracker is suitable for nearly all dogs and cats (with the exception of puppies and kittens).

Invoxia Pet Tracker Technical Specifications

In the previous sections of our Invoxia pet tracker review, we looked at the physical characteristics of the device. Now it is time to shed some light on the technical specs of the pet tracker, including its tracking range, battery life, and more.


With a rating of IP67, Invoxia pet tracker can withstand submersion in 3.2 feet of water for 30 minutes. Thus, you can safely use it in heavy rain or even when you take your dog swimming.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Waterproof


Invoxia pet tracker comes equipped with a rechargeable battery. Although the manufacturer emphasizes great battery performance, the Invoxia website contains some surprisingly contradictory information related to the battery. You can find that the battery on this device lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on usage, but the same webpage claims that Invoxia pet tracker remains active up to 1 month depending on usage and activity. The FAQ section says that the battery may last from several days to several months. Also, on the product page, the manufacturer claims that it takes 90 minutes to charge the battery, but later claims that it takes only 60 minutes to recharge.

In spite of this, we can safely say that Invoxia pet tracker has a very good battery life in comparison to other GPS pet trackers.

Overall, users of the device should be satisfied with the battery performance. When you exhaust your battery, you can easily charge it to 100% with the included micro-USB cable – we just do not know whether it will take 60 or 90 minutes.

Communication Range

While the manufacturer promises GPS tracking with no limits in distance, the reality is that communication with the device depends on the availability of low-consumption networks that the device uses. Invoxia pet tracker can work over any distance within the low-power network coverage, provided that there are no major obstacles.


Depending on the conditions (whether you are in an urban or rural area), the accuracy with which Invoxia pet tracker determines the location of your pet varies from a few meters to 260 feet (80 meters). Given the fact that the accuracy of GPS trackers normally ranges between 10 and 90 feet (3 to 27 meters), with an average accuracy of 25 feet (about 8 meters), the performance of Invoxia’s device leaves a lot to be desired in this crucial area.

App Compatibility

To use Invoxia pet tracker, you need to download the Invoxia GPS app, which can work on virtually any smartphone. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Invoxia Pet Tracker App

As stated previously in our Invoxia pet tracker review, this tracker must be paired with a smartphone that has the Invoxia GPS app installed. The app is free of charge. You need to create your user account to use the app. You can connect your Invoxia pet tracker with more than one smartphone. For that, you need the Invoxia GPS app installed on every smartphone that you wish to connect with your tracker and you need to enter the same account details on each of these smartphones. It is still not possible to connect the same Invoxia pet tracker with several different accounts.

The Invoxia GPS app will inform you about the location of your pet, store location history, allow you to set safety zones for geofencing, monitor your pet’s activity, and provide reports on daily activity and rest, distance traveled, and more. You can choose a normal or satellite view of the map.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Instantly track pet app

Invoxia Pet Tracker Features

This device offers several features for location tracking and activity monitoring. In this section of our Invoxia pet tracker review, we will explore the features related to location tracking, defining safety zones, and monitoring your pet throughout the day.

Location Tracking

As you would expect from a pet tracking device, Invoxia pet tracker allows you to track the location of your furry companion. You can choose one of the 4 modes (4 update frequency settings). In mode 1, the location is updated at least once every 2 hours and it is not possible to keep track of movement history, but this mode provides the greatest battery autonomy. In mode 2, the tracker sends location updates every 10 minutes when the pet is in motion. In mode 3, location updates are sent every 5 minutes, which allows you to trace your pet’s movements more accurately. Finally, in mode 4, the tracker sends location updates every 2 minutes when the pet is in motion. As you would expect, battery life is the shortest in the last mode.

In order for a pet tracker to be reliable, it should be highly accurate and it must provide quick location updates. Unfortunately, given the fact that the margin of error is 260 feet and the maximum update frequency is 2 minutes, the reliability of Invoxia pet tracker is far from impressive.

Location History

You can observe your pet’s movements over the period of your choice. Tracing your pet’s movement history allows you to get to know his or her favorite spots, so you will know where to look first. Owners can have fun observing the “habits” of their cats, where they like to go and hang around.


Setting up “virtual fences” around specific areas in your app enables you to receive a notification whenever your pet enters or exits these zones, such as when a cat tries to leave the garden. There is no limit to the number of safety zones you can set. They can include your home, a vacation spot, an area where you usually walk your dog off leash, and others. Once it detects that your pet has left a predefined zone, the application will automatically inform you of the animal’s location and you will also be notified once the pet returns to the designated area. Safety zones are stationary and it is important to point out that you can customize safety zone radius according to your needs.

Low Battery Alert

As mentioned before, this device offers excellent autonomy in comparison to other GPS trackers. When your battery level eventually decreases below 20%, you will get a notification on your phone reminding you to recharge the battery.

Activity Monitoring

Invoxia pet tracker provides you with insight into the daily activity levels of your furry companion. Using the app, you can track your pet’s activity levels during the period you choose (day, week, month or year), get daily reports on your pet’s activity (walking, running, and more) and rest time, and see the distance traveled. It is also possible to monitor the sleep quality of your pet.

Invoxia Pet Tracker dog with prt tracker near river

Invoxia Pet Tracker Coverage

The worldwide coverage that this device provides depends on the availability of the Sigfox low-power network. (In France, the device uses the LoRa low-power network). According to the information obtained from the official Sigfox website, this low-power network is available in the USA and in most of Europe, with plans to expand globally in the following years. However, you should be aware of the fact that the largest part of the US is still not covered. The situation is better in Europe, but the network’s coverage is still severely limited. Before buying your Invoxia pet tracker, do not forget to check the low-power network coverage in your area. You should be aware that the device’s performance in mountainous areas is questionable.

How Much Does Invoxia Pet Tracker Cost?

You can order Invoxia pet tracker from the manufacturer’s website for 119 euros. It is currently available for purchase in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. It is important to note that the device comes with a 3-year subscription to the low-consumption network. After the first three years, access to the service costs 9.99 EUR per year, equating to 0.83 EUR per month (subscription through the app). Invoxia pet tracker is expected to hit the US market in 2019.

The device comes with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support. According to Invoxia’s refund policy, if you are not fully satisfied with your order, you may send it back for a full refund within fourteen working days after purchase.

Invoxia Pet Tracker Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of Invoxia pet tracker can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • Very good battery life
  • Very small, lightweight, convenient for everyday use
  • Suitable for almost all cats and dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Customizable safety zones
  • Tracking both location and activity


  • Inadequate accuracy
  • Infrequent location updates
  • Works only in those parts of the world where the low-power network is available
  • After 3 years, the user has to pay a small fee to use the low-power network

Bottom Line

Invoxia pet tracker is a simple and autonomous geolocating device that follows pets on their excursions. It is designed to provide owners with peace of mind and give them insight into the daily activity levels of their furry friends. Unfortunately, given its limited accuracy and infrequent location updates, this device is simply not reliable enough when it comes to fulfilling its basic function – finding a lost pet.

However, it is important to point out that Invoxia pet tracker is based on innovative technologies. We hope that the manufacturer will be able to improve the reliability of this product since the potential for excellent performance definitely exists.

User Reviews (2)

Invoxia Pet Tracker customer rating based on 2 user reviews.

The Invoxia Pet Tracker reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. florien kleine snuverink | December 9, 2022

    Worst expérience ever. It doesn’t work at all . Malheureusement ça marche pas du tout. Ça ou rien c’est pareil sauf rien est gratuit. Un catastrophe

  2. Jan Liska | May 13, 2022

    Just a note regarding the unit’s GPS accuracy: It is true that it leaves a lot to be desired. However, when looking for your lost pet, the “Proximity radar” functionality can be used to alleviate this problem. When roughly “in the area” where the unit is reportedly located, switch “Proximity radar” on (the button is located in the app in the tracker settings) and if your phone locates the tracker nearby, it will guide you to its more precise location. AFAIK there is no mention of this functionality in the tracker’s manual, so I just leave it here hoping it will be useful to somebody.
    Still, this is IMO no excuse for the inexplicably poor accuracy of the tracker itself, but otherwise it’s a neat functionality that can be easily overlooked.

  3. Diana | April 23, 2022

    It’s not bad, it’s awful! 119euros to the garbage. My cat was sleeping inside the house and it said it was moving outside up to 1km. He lost his collar and I never found the tracker even after the Invoxia team sent me the last and supposedly exact location. It lasted 2 months and they didn’t want to replace it. So, there’s no point to use it. I lost my cat for 48 days and will never trust Invoxia again. I will try one with mensal payment with a sim card, I believe it’s more reliable.

  4. Diana | April 23, 2022

    It’s not bad, it’s awful! 119euros to the garbage. My cat was sleeping inside the house and it said it was moving outside up to 1km. He lost his collar and I never found the tracker even after the Invoxia team sent me the last and supposedly exact location. So, there’s no point to use it. I lost my cat for 48 days and will never trust Invoxia again. I will try one with mensal payment with a sim card, I believe it’s more reliable.

  5. Vanessa Heini | June 27, 2021

    You should have a cancellation for “Lost mode”

  6. Henri | August 26, 2020

    I got this pet tracker for a cat living in the countryside… Total disapointment !
    Not only the precision is quite bad, but the battery life is so exagerated that it’s a lie.
    Even with the lowest frequency the duration of the battery is no more than 3-4 days, instead of “12 days to 8 weeks” !!!

    Contacted the support : They don’t consider it as a n issue, this is because there are less lora antennas and wifi endpoints in the area. My conclusion : This is a good pet tracker, for a dead pet, lying in an urban area close to a wifi box.

    • It has to be said | August 5, 2021

      Best review!

  7. Jaime Zaragoza | August 24, 2020

    Can ‘t get accurate locations. Plenty no data o no connection and finally the supposed 2 years warranty is impossible to apply after 5 ping-pong stupid nonsense emails.
    Very dissapointed

  8. J. Jager | February 16, 2020

    Can ‘t get accurate locations. While the animal is sitting right next to me, the app tells the animal is 800m from the house. This is not why we bought the GPS tracker.
    Very dissapointed…

  9. Alice Peri | March 8, 2019

    Great battery life, very convenient to use. The app could be better. Not bad in general but could be better.

  10. Brenda Noble | January 20, 2019

    Good concept, but the implementation could be better. My major issue with this product is that it is not accurate enough. I hope they will work it out.

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