Benefits Of Getting A Pet Tracker

March 7, 2019

If our pets are treated properly and with enough care, they are undoubtedly considered to be family members. Naturally, we do not like when any member of our family is lost, so that goes for family pets, too. There are thousands of examples showing that people can be as attached to their pets as to their spouse or children.

Pet tracker creators and sellers recognize this attachment and provide us with a way to monitor our furry friends closely wherever they go. The most recommended pet trackers are GPS collars, but as many trainers and sellers point out, they should not be relied upon completely, as they cannot replace the love and care given by the owner, nor his or her responsibility. It means that the owners should always do their part, no matter how dependable and trustful their tracker is. That being said, let us now take a look at the benefits of pet trackers. 

dog with pet tracker in green grass

Tracking Your Lost Or Stolen Pet

The most obvious advantage of having a pet tracker is, of course, being able to locate your wandering pet in no time. If you have an escape artist on your hands, a GPS tracker can soothe your anxiety in just a couple of taps on your smartphone. It is an irreplaceable device whenever you engage in an outdoor activity with your pet. You will always be able to see where your pet is, whenever you lose sight of him or her.

This also applies to cats, which generally tend to wander even more than dogs, especially if not properly adapted to the conditions of your home.

Runaway pets that are not tracked timely are often injured, taken to pounds or killed, so a reliable pet tracker can effectively save the life of your beloved canine or feline friend. It should also be noted that pets can be stolen for a number of reasons (including but not limited to, selling for a profit, obtaining a free pet or animal testing). As long as a tracker is attached to your pet, you will never lose track of him/her.

Keeping Track Of Working Dogs

If you ever lose sight of a dog that works for the police or in the army, especially when sent on a time-sensitive or extremely perilous mission that can have far-reaching consequences, pet trackers are an essential part of your equipment. Guide dogs that are used for helping the blind should always be provided with a tracker in case they are needed urgently. Contemporary farmers also use them when herding, to know their dogs are healthy and safe.

dog looking up at owner

Monitoring Your Pet’s Activity 

If you want to be aware of the activity level of your pet and make sure he or she is getting sufficient amounts of exercise in order to remain healthy and energetic, the best pet trackers also have the option to make a note of it during the day – if a dog goes out for a walk, you can see the distance he/she crossed, the route, and the time spent out. It can be useful if you plan some adventures in which your pet’s stamina will be put to the test, so you could set realistic goals. If your dog loves water, getting a waterproof pet tracker is probably a good idea.

Good Value For Money

The reasonable question after reading this is – how much will it cost me? Whereas you will need to pay a small service fee every month in most cases, some pet trackers come with no fees, you just have to purchase the device. The most modern and technologically updated trackers usually cost about 100-200 dollars, although you can probably find cheaper deals. Most of them have a multitude of handy features, such as shock resistance, additional safety at night, training tools, escape alerts, and more. It is certainly not too much for peace of mind when it comes to your precious animal friends.

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