Are GPS Pet Trackers harmful?

June 30, 2022
GPS Pet Trackers Harmful

One of the first questions that pet owners ask us is: are GPS Pet Trackers harmful? We’ll get straight to the point, no they are not. However, there are several things you should know about them if you want to use them safely. So, let’s break this issue down into several different aspects and learn more about each of them. First of all, GPS technology itself has no negative effects on both humans and animals. We should mention that GPS navigation in your car might have some passive negative effects as it messes with your own, natural navigation system but that’s not the issue here.

Secondly, GPS Pet Trackers are not the same as microchips. They do not require any medical procedures and work just like any other collar you already have. They just have one additional device on them that your dog or cat won’t even know is there. From their perspective, nothing changes but from your perspective everything you know about your pet changes. We will talk about this later on, so let’s focus on the next aspect. Thirdly, almost all Pet Trackers are waterproof and very sturdy. This means they can take a lot of punishment and still remain intact. You can check whether they need maintenance fairly easily.

This brings us to the main issue when it comes to the question of are GPS pet trackers harmful to our furry friends. And that’s maintenance. To put it simply, if you take care of your pet tracker it will take care of your pet. This means that if the collar is torn or otherwise damaged you need to simply replace it. Plus, this can give you an excuse to get one in a different color or another swanky option. That’s the only real danger there is when it comes to these devices and it’s practically the same as with any other collar you have.

Finally, we just want to emphasize just how beneficial these GPS Pet Trackers can be. In recent years, we’ve seen huge advances in this field and a lot of them now can also track the health and behavior of your dog or cat. This way, you can catch early symptoms and deal with them immediately without waiting for things to get worse. You can read all about this in one of our other blogs: Keep your dog healthy with Fi Smart Dog Collar.

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