How Long Can A Pet Tracker Last?

November 27, 2018

When choosing a pet tracker for your doggie or kitty, one of the most important purchasing factors is its lifespan. To maximize the value received for the price, your pet tracker should be as durable as possible and last for many years. The two most common threats to your device are your pet damaging it in some way or simply losing it due to an unreliable attachment mechanism.

In this article, we will discuss some of the features implemented by the best pet trackers on the market in order to increase the durability of the device itself and prevent accidental loss.

How Long Can A Pet Tracker Last

Damage Control

Hyperactive pets can damage their trackers in any number of ways, which is why reputable manufacturers always need to be one step ahead in counteracting their mischiefs as well as dealing with regular wear and tear.

First of all, your chosen device has to be shockproof. This means it needs to feature a reliable mechanism that makes it resistant to physical stress, especially if worn by larger breeds. Short of that, a rubberized outer coating and high-quality materials can also do the trick in protecting your device from blunt force trauma.

The quality of the materials used also dictates its resistance to dirt and dust buildup over time. You have to take into account all the areas your pet frequents on a daily basis and pick a device resistant to the outside influences present in those areas. For example, if there is a lot of sand in your immediate surroundings, picking a device that is ill-equipped to handle these conditions is likely to result in a very short and troubled lifespan.

Finally, if your pet likes nothing better than running down to the local watering hole for a dip, you need to purchase a fully waterproof device. Many pet trackers that are advertised as waterproof are actually only water-resistant, which means they are done for the moment your pet submerges them underwater.

Bottom line, high-quality pet trackers coming from reputable manufacturers should last for a couple of years at a minimum with proper use and maintenance.

Attachment Method

Believe it or not, the attachment method plays a huge role in the overall lifespan of your pet tracker. Even though it might appear solid and secure at first glance, you need to consider every possible ordeal your pet is going to put it through. Have no doubt that your pup can get very creative when it comes to “misplacing” anything you attach to his or her body. Therefore, pet trackers that come firmly attached to their own collars or those that click into place are recommended over more insecure alternatives.

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