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UPDATED Jan. 2021
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Pawtrack is a GPS collar primarily designed for cats, but it can also be used for smaller dogs like dachshunds. It was designed and manufactured by Pawtrack Ltd, a company founded back in 2010 in Dartmouth, England. 

Read this comprehensive Pawtrack review to learn more about the device and its capabilities and determine if it fits your feline friend(s).    

Pawtrack printscreen hoomepage

How Pawtrack Works

While your cat is out and about, Pawtrack will take his or her position every 6 seconds, store the information inside the collar, and upload it automatically so that you can view it through your online account or Pawtrack app. In case you do not want to wait for automatic positioning, you can always click the Update button and receive the current location of the device.  

You can track multiple cats from a single account with their GPS positions being displayed on Google Maps or even Street View. You can also set various alerts to let you know when your pet is coming/leaving home or warn you when the battery starts running low.  

Pawtrack gps cat and app

Pawtrack provides you with three different ways to observe your tracking history, including: 

  • Playback – Replays your time-stamped positions and gives you information about your cat’s whereabouts at any given moment;
  • Path – Creates a lined route of your pet’s movement;
  • Heatmap – Reveals your cat’s favorite hiding places by marking regularly visited areas with red indicators. 

In case you get close to your cat but still cannot see him or her, you can always activate the Beacon feature through your app, which makes the collar emit a distinct signal picked up by your device and translated into percentages that tell you whether you are getting closer or further away.  

Since the collar comes with a Wi-Fi antenna, it can detect your home Wi-Fi and shut down once your cat comes back home, prolonging battery duration. The device will wake up every now and then to make sure it is still connected to your home Wi-Fi. 

The setup process is rather simple even though it includes a lot of steps and might appear intimidating at first. Once you have your Pawtrack unit, all you have to do is download the app, set up your account and home location, add your first cat and link your Pawtrack, select the size of the collar, get a GPS position, and connect to your Wi-Fi.  

Pawtrack Design

Pawtrack features a very robust and sleek design dedicated to removing any unnecessary components that could hinder your cat’s habits and routines. Curable plastic and strong webbing were combined to produce this durable collar that can follow your pet on any adventure without fear of any serious damage or malfunction due to physical trauma.  

The collar comes in small (18-22cm), medium (23-26cm), and large (27-30cm) sizes and can be adjusted even further for your pet’s optimal fit and comfort. Note that even the small size is too big for kittens so it is not recommended to use the collar if your pets are still too young. Having said that, the unit weighs only 35g.

Pawtrack design on white background

The GPS antenna is positioned at the back of your cat’s neck thanks to the collar’s forward-thinking design. This means it will constantly face the sky instead of the ground, which is the case with many other pet trackers currently on the market.  

In order to use the Pawtrack collar properly, you need to know what the different indicator lights mean:

  • Blue, once every 5 minutes – Your collar is in the Wi-Fi mode;
  • Red, once a second – Your collar is not on the network and should connect within a few minutes; 
  • Red, twice a second – Your collar is searching for a new GPS position;
  • Red, once every 10 seconds – The collar is on the cellular network and everything is working properly; 
  • Multicolored lights – Your battery is running low.

The collar comes with two detachable batteries, which provides you with continuous tracking since you can use one while the other is recharging. They are easily recharged via the provided charging station that draws power from an available USB socket on your computer or similar devices.  

Finally, Pawtrack is designed to release automatically under a force of 15kg. 

Pawtrack Technical Specifications

In this section of our Pawtrack review, we will go over some of the most important technical features provided by Pawtrack.  

GPS Tracking Module

The unit combines GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Wi-Fi, and beacon tracking to provide users with one of the most accurate GPS pet trackers on the market. This is greatly aided by the previously mentioned fact that its GPS antenna is constantly pointed toward the sky.  


As stated in this Pawtrack review, the unit comes with two detachable batteries that allow you to use the device without any unnecessary interruptions. The battery life is around 2 days and it takes around 2 hours for a full recharge.  


As indicated on the official website, the Pawtrack collar is splash-resistant, which means it is NOT waterproof. In other words, it will be able to handle rain and accidental splashes but should not be immersed in water completely for extended periods of time.  


Pawtrack should work in most countries regardless of your mobile provider. You can find the full list of available countries (171 at the moment) and mobile providers on the official website. In other words, you can take your feline friends across borders without any fear of losing them due to a malfunctioning pet tracker. Many of the Pawtrack reviews found online claim that the collar only works in the US, which is simply not true.   

Pawtrack App

The Pawtrack app is easy to use and displays the current location of your pet in a clear way. As mentioned in this Pawtrack review, there are three ways to view its tracking history, including Playback, Path, and Heatmap. You can also use the app to manage your settings regarding notifications, geo-fence boundaries, and other important features.  

Pawtrack smartphone app

The Pawtrack app also allows you to share your pet’s daily activities with your friends or simply download the selected time period as a CSV file in case you want a permanent memory. The file will be sent to your specified email address.  

Apart from geo-fencing capabilities, the collar comes with a tracking beacon that informs you where your cat is hiding in case you fail to find his or her favorite hiding spot. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. 

Pawtrack Features

Pawtrack offers a variety of different features that make it easy to use while allowing you to keep an eye on your pet at all times. With that in mind, let us go over the most prominent capabilities offered by this collar and see if it justifies the price tag.  

4 Levels Of Tracking

As we already mentioned in this Pawtrack review, the unit implements GPS, GNSS, Galileo, and Wi-Fi tracking in order to provide you with precise readings at any given moment. 

Robust & Sleek Design

The unit is made of hard plastic and tough webbing and should be able to withstand any ordeal your cat decides to put it through without any problems.  

Intuitive & Modern Mobile App

The Pawtrack mobile app is easy to use and it gives you full control over the collar with numerous features that facilitate the search for your little hellions. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.  

Pawtrack cat in the garden

2x Rechargeable Batteries

The built-in battery can be removed for recharging while you are using the second one so you are essentially provided with continuous tracking without any interruptions. 


Pawtrack allows you to set up borders around your house or any other area and receive notifications when your cat leaves the perimeter or comes back.  

Global Coverage

Pawtrack currently works in 171 countries of the world and covers a wide array of mobile operators. To check for your country/operator, consult the comprehensive list on the official website. 

Multi-Cat Tracking

Pawtrack allows you to track multiple felines using just one account.   

Pawtrack Coverage

As already stated in this Pawtrack review, the collar currently works in 171 countries and covers pretty much any mobile operator you can think of. Having said that, you will receive your readings through the mobile app so you are limited to areas with signal reception. In order to make sure your country is covered, please check the list provided on the company’s official website. 

How Much Does Pawtrack Cost?

Pawtrack costs £49.99, which is around $63. The unit comes with a 12-month warranty and you can even return it up to 14 days from the date of purchase. In case you want to return the collar, simply contact the company’s customer support team.

Pawtrack Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of Pawtrack  pet tracker can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.


  • 4 tracking levels 
  • 3 different sizes 
  • Durable and modern design 
  • 2 rechargeable batteries 
  • Global coverage 
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Multi-cat tracking 
  • Intuitive mobile app 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • 12-month warranty 


  • Not ideal for isolated areas 

Bottom Line

Pawtrack is a complete GPS tracker equipped with the most modern technologies aimed at tracking and locating your feline friends at any given moment. The collar comes with 4 different tracking techs that allow you to pinpoint the location of your cat no matter how well he or she tends to hide. The Beacon feature will even show you percentages to indicate whether you are moving toward or away from your cat.  

The geo-fencing feature comes with numerous alarms and indicators that inform you when your pets leave the perimeter or come back home. The rechargeable batteries can be interchanged to provide you with constant tracking. Finally, the unit can be used pretty much anywhere in the world so you do not have to worry about diminished performance across borders 

Bottom line, Pawtrack is a very impressive unit for cats of all sizes and even smaller dogs and is definitely one of the better choices currently on the market.  

User Reviews (4)

Pawtrack customer rating based on 4 user reviews.

The Pawtrack reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. David Wright | January 3, 2021

    I’ve had a Pawtrack collar for my cat for six months, and not once has it worked. I’ve contacted Pawtrack support multiple times and was told the WiFi in my home was preventing the collar from working when the cat was outside. I’ve tried to reach out to Pawtrack for a refund but am no longer getting a response. Do not buy this collar, it is a waste of time and money.

  2. Andy | November 24, 2020

    Based on these reviews I will not be buying this tracker. If customer service is this bad, forget it.

  3. Shane G | November 10, 2020

    This product is complete junk. I ordered a collar and paid for the annual subscription in August. I finally received my collar over 4 weeks later and it never connected to the network. Pawtrack customer service blamed the issues on AT&T’s IoT network and said that they had a new version of the collar out that they would send to me that would work much better. I received the new collar several weeks later and while it appears to connect more often when placing the collar outside with the receiver facing up, it is far from consistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It refused to connect to the network for over two days at one point and then somehow started intermittently connecting again. I have yet to put this collar on my cat and have it actually track his location. Pawtrack has done everything possible to refuse to refund my money or accept a return of this piece of crap.

  4. Cynthia | September 27, 2020

    Even when it works, it doesn’t work. I’ve been disappointed with this since I bought it two months ago because it only works about 25% of the time. It was still cool to view, when it worked, and I sort of kept it for the entertainment value rather than because I trust it to track my pet. I have worked with customer service multiple times to resolve the 75% non-functioning issue and nothing they tried made it any better. I do NOT live in a remote area, so that failure excuse from Pawtrack is baloney. But now I’m completely fed up . . . the collar worked for an hour last night, my pet came in for 20 minutes then went back out for four hours and the collar never worked again with 99% battery left, no battery change, and absolutely no reason the GPS would suddenly fail for four hours straight after working for an hour. There is no way my pet was out for four hours straight and NEVER went where a signal could be picked up, IF THEIR GPS WORKED. I’m shopping for a different solution now. Don’t waste your money on this product.

  5. Jean-Pierre Nadeau | September 7, 2020

    IDelivery was very long. I won’t hold it agains Pawtrack on account of the COVID-related disruptions. After a long while (over a month) we received the unit. The documentation is quite basic and leaves one with more questions than answers.

    Once we figured it out, we were very excited. It worked very well and allowed us to not only locate our cat but also to know where it had been (history feature). However, it quit working after 7 – 10 days. We would charge the batteries but the little red light indicating a working unit didn’t light up anymore. I contacted Jeremy at Pawtrack numerous times. I answered all of his questions. Then, nothing. My emails just got ignored for over a week now. TERRIBLE customer service.

    In conlusion, when it works, that little collar is awesome. However pray that it does not quit working – then you’re one your own. Again, the customer service is awful. Unresponsive. The one star rating relates more to the por service than to the unit itself. Again, when it works, it’s just what we wanted.

  6. Emily | August 28, 2020

    Terrible. Worked for two weeks now doesn’t work always says collar busy will contact you when the collar is reached. Save your money. The customer service guy I talked to was decent so two stars for that.

  7. Geoff | August 27, 2020

    I was really excited about getting this collar and tracking my cat around the neighborhood. After placing the order, it took about 6 weeks for the collar to arrive. The collar was easy to set up and pair with the application on my phone, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I’ve tried walking around the neighborhood with the collar in my hand and the app doesn’t show any movement. I’ve tried contacting the company and Jeremy was responsive at first, but he wasn’t able to help me fix the problem.

    I’m very disappointed

  8. Katimae | June 19, 2020

    I’m surprised by all the reviews about poor customer service bc I’ve had an excellent experience with them. When I first got it i thought it wasn’t working, I emailed them & by the next day they emailed me back saying I need to use my reg WiFi and not 5G. Then I’d had it for quite some time and the piece u plug the call into for charging stopped working. I emailed them & they sent me a new one for free- and it got here so fast; I was shocked bc it was coming from the UK. They def put some cash into the shipping fee to get it to me that fast. I had told them I really depended on it bc my cat was 16 n I feared he would go off n hide if he got sick n I’d never know. They were sensitive & on top of it.
    In addition it’s worked great for us. I do also have the whistle but prefer this. Getting it on & off is so much easier.
    I absolutely give it 5 stars.

  9. Vhis | May 21, 2020

    It didn’t work well, I sent it back, but they keep on charging my credit card for the subscription. No answer from the customer service. Not the first time either, by a long way, from what I’ve read. Avoid at all cost.

  10. Joe decker | March 29, 2020

    BE VERY CAREFUL………I bought this collar for my girlfriend’s Christmas gift. It didn’t work right and we were in contact with company. When we decided to return it, the communication stopped after they got it back…..never received my money back

    • Brenden S | July 24, 2020

      Then why did you give them a 5 star rating?

  11. GLAYMAR DOMINGUEZ | March 5, 2020

    I had this collar for almost a year and it worked perfectly until 2-3 months ago. I did not check the app frequently. One day I wanted to know of my cats whereabouts, I logged in and noticed that no logs were found. I started contacting customer service for them to fix it and after weeks of testing and multiple emails it was not fixed. My cat became lost and when I mostly needed the collar to be working it was not. I paid for the collar and the monthly serviced for nothing. Customer service has to improve. When I try for them to call me they refused, they only talk to you in business hours through email so if you have an emergency where you cannot locate your pet, forget it, they won’t help.
    Very frustrating.
    Buy another tracker.

  12. MichelleMMichelle M | February 21, 2020

    I was disappointed overall with Pawtrack. We initially had issues setting up and eventually managed to get them to respond in emails. After a few weeks my cat lost her tracker and we were unable to cancel the subscription. the subscription is now coming to an end and I have sent emails asking to cancel but I do not get a response from. Overall, the collar is great (unless your cat loses it, you think you would be able to find it being a tracker but it just told me it was within 20 metres of the house). Customer service is a massive let down.

  13. Leo A | February 20, 2020

    In writing this review, I am seeing several other reviews with similar problems. As a disclaimer, I did not see the warning about letting flea medication dry for 24 hours before using collar- I only heard about it in reviews. I think they need to be more clear on the dangers- large print/large warnings. Also, if this is an issue they know about, why haven’t they changed the material to one that doesn’t fuse into an animals neck at the first sign of flea meds.

    The story is this, yesterday (one day after applying flea meds) I noticed that he was uncomfortable and his neck felt weird. Upon closer look, the collar fused into his fur. Getting it out wasn’t easy and involved me having to gently pull it out of him (his fur was infused with plastic and I didn’t want to use anything sharp so as to not cut his skin). Once I got the collar off- the plastic/rubber material on the GPS antenna section was sticky, fully of bubbles, and smelled like chemicals- despite the issues, compared to my cats neck, the collar looked clean.

    I took my cat at this point into the bathtub. The plastic material had leached through his fur and down to his skin. His fur was rough and the plastic in his fur was sharp and pointy. In the tub, I took the smallest and gentlest trimmer I could find and gently used the edge as I tried to pry the plastic up from his delicate pink skin. It took a while but I eventually got all the plastic off his skin and although he is now missing all the fur around his neck, it is all finally out.

    This product led to a truly traumatizing experience that I made sure to take photos and document. I reached out to Pawtrack support and they don’t seem to be responding- oddly enough, I can’t seem to access my account as of this morning. This is very worrisome and I would not recommend that customers buy this product/ trust this company.

  14. Susan Haughey | October 14, 2019

    I highly recommend this collar. I don’t want any of my cats to be outside but I have two that are like caged wild animals if confined. There are just some cats, I feel, that are not indoor type. The size of the collar has trimmed significantly and is not bulky anymore. I have the app on my phone and yes, sometimes it will say the collar may be busy and you won’t get a reading but you just tap the location button again and most times locates the cat. I’d like to post pics but this review site doesn’t seem to give the option. This collar will truly give you some peace of mind if you have an outdoor cat.

  15. Jerry London | June 11, 2019

    Great little collar that lets me find the little rascal wherever he hides. Now I know all his favorite hidey holes so whenever he vanishes I know where to check. 

  16. Shannon | June 10, 2019

    I ordered this in January. I couldn’t get it to pick up the GPS signal. I tried in multiple locations at different times. After 2 months, it wouldn’t charge so I can’t even keep trying it. Just went into the app and now it won’t open. Keeps kicking me out. Waste of money. Very difficult to get assistance.

  17. Dana Thompson | January 17, 2019

    Really happy with the collar but the batteries tend to run out pretty quickly if you don’t have all the power saving options turned on. 

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