How Much Do Pet Trackers Cost?

February 28, 2018

A pet tracker can cost anywhere between a couple of bucks and a couple of hundred bucks. It all depends on the pet tracker type you choose, as well as the brand. Different types of pet trackers come with different advantages and shortcomings, which shape their prices. The prices of some of the best pet trackers on the market average at just around $100, but there are many pet trackers that cost much more and much less.

In this article, we will explore the costs of 3 most commonly used types of pet trackers and highlight their strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to discover which type offers the best value for your money.

How Much Do Pet Trackers Cost

Types Of Pet Trackers

Currently, there are 3 major types of pet trackers available on the market: radio frequency pet trackers, Bluetooth pet trackers, and GPS pet trackers.

Radio frequency pet trackers consist of a tracking unit worn by the pet and a transceiver used by the pet’s guardian. The tracking unit and the transceiver communicate via radio frequency signals.

Bluetooth pet trackers come in the form of a tracking unit attached to the pet’s collar. They communicate with the pet guardian’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

GPS pet trackers come in the form of a tracking unit that determines the pet’s location with the use of GPS technology. According to the way location information is transferred to the pet guardian’s smartphone, GPS pet trackers are divided into 2 categories.

The first category includes cellular pet GPS trackers, which use cellular networks for data transfer. The second category includes mixed or multi-tech GPS pet trackers, which rely on proprietary technologies and Bluetooth.

Prices Of Radio Frequency Pet Trackers

Radio frequency pet trackers usually cost around $100 or more, with some trackers going up to a couple of hundred dollars. With radio frequency pet trackers, you only pay for the device; there are no extra costs.

The greatest benefits of radio frequency pet trackers include their impressive battery life and independence of cellular networks. However, their communication range is usually smaller than that of GPS pet trackers, with the distance over which they can work usually varying from 400 feet to 2 miles. Furthermore, they are usually larger and heavier than other types of pet trackers, which mostly makes them suitable for large dog breeds and larger animals.

Prices Of Bluetooth Pet Trackers

Bluetooth pet trackers are usually more affordable than other types of pet trackers. Their prices start under $10 and they come with no additional costs. Their low price is the result of their major shortcomings, primarily including their small communication range and coverage.

Since Bluetooth pet trackers rely on Bluetooth technology, they only work over limited distances, usually between 30 and 100 feet. This mainly makes them suitable for tracking pets within the pet guardian’s home or property.

Prices Of GPS Pet Trackers

Prices Of GPS Pet Trackers

The prices of GPS pet trackers greatly vary, but they usually range from around $80 to $150. Cellular GPS pet trackers come with additional costs because they rely on cellular networks. If you opt for a cellular GPS pet tracker, you need to purchase a service plan and pay monthly fees that usually amount to between $2 and $10 per month. Multi-tech GPS pet trackers do not come with additional costs.

The greatest strength of cellular GPS pet trackers is their great communication range, which is only limited by the availability of cellular networks. They can work over any distance, within cellular coverage. In terms of geographical coverage, they can work in only one country or in multiple countries across the globe.

On the other hand, multi-tech GPS trackers have a limited communication range, usually up to 5 miles. However, they can work anywhere in the world, which makes them a great fit for people who travel often or live in an area with spotty cellular coverage.

In comparison to radio frequency and Bluetooth pet trackers, both cellular and multi-tech GPS pet trackers boast greater communication range and coverage. Furthermore, they are durable, usually shockproof and waterproof, and they are well-suited for dogs and cats of different sizes.

Considering the advantages they offer and the fact that they suit the needs of the majority of pets and pet guardians, GPS pet trackers offer great value for your money. For example, one of the best multi-tech GPS pet trackers currently available, Findster Duo+, costs $149 and there are no additional costs, so you can purchase it once and use it for years to come with no further investments.

Bottom Line

Pet trackers differ immensely in terms of price, with some trackers costing nearly 100 times more than others. Bluetooth pet trackers usually come at the lowest prices, radio frequency trackers tend to cost more than others, and GPS pet trackers, which are currently most popular among pet guardians, fall somewhere in the middle.

All types of pet trackers come with important advantages as well as weaknesses, which is why it is crucial that you carefully weigh all the pros and the cons before purchasing a pet tracker and avoid basing your decision solely on the price – since lower prices often reflect severe limitations of the device.

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