Findster Duo+ Review

UPDATED Sep. 2020
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Findster Duo+ is an innovative GPS pet tracker that comes with no monthly fees. It was developed by Findster Technologies, a fast-growing California-based startup launched in 2015. It allows for real-time location and activity tracking, boasts a communication range of up to 3 miles, and does not require cell coverage, so you can keep track of your pet’s whereabouts no matter where you are.

Findster Duo+ hit the market in 2017 as an upgraded version of the company’s already well-known Findster Duo tracker and it has been generating quite a lot of attention ever since its launch. In this Findster Duo+ review, we will explore its key features in greater detail and help you discover whether it is the kind of pet tracker you have been seeking.

Findster Duo+ homepage

How Findster Duo+ Works

Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker comprises of 2 devices, that is, 2 modules – the pet module to be attached to your pal’s collar and the guardian module you should keep by your side. The pet module is equipped with GPS that communicates the pet’s location to the guardian module. In turn, the guardian module is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to view your pet’s activity and location information in the dedicated Findster app.

While this pet tracker performs multiple functions, all of which we will describe in the following sections of this Findster Duo+ review, its primary role is to help you easily track your pet in real time. It shows you the exact location of your pal, allows you to follow him or her via Findster app, and sends notifications as soon as your buddy leaves the safe zone, so you can find your pet immediately.

Like we said before, Findster Duo+ does not require cell coverage in order to work. It employs Findster Technologies’ proprietary MAZE technology. It is a unique communication protocol with frequency in the sub 1 GHz ISM band, which is in compliance with the FCC and CE directives. The MAZE technology functions independently, without the aid of telephone companies, which is why it works anywhere and everywhere. This independence is what allows this tracker to be 100% fee-free.

Findster Duo+ how work

Findster Duo+ Design

Findster Duo+ pet and guardian modules feature a rather sleek design. They come in the shape of a rounded rhomboid with pleasant shades of blue. The pet module comes with a simple, clasp-like collar strap attachment mechanism while the guardian module can either be attached to your keychain or you can carry it in your pocket.

The modules are incredibly lightweight, so both you and your pal can carry them without even noticing they are there. A single module weighs just 1.76 oz., which amounts to 50 grams, the weight of an average kiwifruit.

The pet module is designed to fit both small and large dogs and cats. With a height of 2 inches, width of 2.1 inches, and depth of just 0.5 inches, it can easily fit any collar.

Findster Duo+ Technical Specifications

It is time to discover what you can expect from your Findster Duo+ pet tracker in terms of water and impact resistance, battery life, GPS precision, communication range, and other important technical aspects.


According to the manufacturer, Findster Duo+ is tougher than the old Nokia 3310. It is highly durable, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged easily if your pet gets restless or if you drop your module.


Another highly useful feature of this tracker is that it is waterproof. It can withstand immersion of up to 3 feet of depth, that is, 1 meter, so your pet can even swim while wearing the tracker.


Findster Duo+ comes with a rechargeable battery. In comparison to its predecessor Findster Duo, Findster Duo+ comes with an extended battery life. Its battery can last for up to 5 days, depending on use. With live tracking on, the battery usually lasts for 12 hours.

Findster Duo+ Technical Specifications

Communication Range

Previously in this Findster Duo+ review, we said that the device has a communication range of up to 3 miles, that is, 4.8 km. However, it is important to note that the communication range can greatly vary depending on surroundings. It can be even greater than 3 miles in open spaces like beaches, national parks, and urban squares, with the record so far being 5 miles (8 km). In urban areas with a lot of tall buildings, the range may significantly decrease, but if the connection drops, the modules will attempt to reconnect until successful.

Distances Between Devices

While the guardian and pet modules can communicate within a range of approximately 3 miles, the distance between your smartphone and guardian module should be significantly smaller. You should always keep your guardian module no more than 2 yards away from your smartphone in order to allow for a Bluetooth connection to be established.

GPS Precision

The tracker features high-precision GPS that lets you easily locate your pet. With this GPS, the average error is just about 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters).


Findster Duo+ pet and guardian modules come equipped with a LED light that allows you to track your pet more easily in the dark and provides important information about the device. The LED light lets you know if the modules are not paired (white light), if they are turning on (green, 3 times blinking) or off (red, 3 times blinking), if the battery level is good (green) or if the battery is low (amber), if the device is charging (amber), if the device is charged (green), if Firmware update process is running (blue), and more. You can even choose an identification color for pet modules, so you know which pet the module belongs to.

App Compatibility

Findster Duo+ app boasts great compatibility. It can work on virtually any smartphone. It was not designed to be used on tablets, but it can still work well on tablets that meet the minimum requirements, including Bluetooth 4.0+ (Bluetooth LE) and GPS. You can use it on iPhone 5+, iOS 9+, and Android 4.4+.

Findster Duo+ App

Findster Duo+ app is your assistant that provides all the information you need on your pet’s whereabouts and activity. It provides a map that tells you the distance between you and your pet and shows you the way to your furry friend. It allows you to set desired ranges and sends automatic notifications when your pet is out of range.

Findster Duo+ App

On top of that, the app allows you to easily keep track of your friend’s activity. It tells you how much time your pet spent walking, the distance he or she walked, measured in miles and paws, how much time your pal spent resting, and how many calories he or she burned. To make tracking more fun, Findster app allows you not only to view your pal’s activity stats but also compare them with stats of other Findster users’ pets with the fun Leaderboards feature. Plus, you and your friend can earn badges by reaching activity milestones and compete against other Findster users, which can be an exciting incentive to spend more time walking and having fun with your pet.

Findster app further provides useful reminders, for example, if your pet has not been walked yet. You can keep track of all your pets within the app, without any extra charges.

Findster Duo+ Features

Findster Duo+ is a feature-rich tracker that offers a multitude of handy tools, from true real-time tracking to remotely monitoring your pet’s location and activity with the help of your friends and family. Let us see exactly what kind of helpful features this tracker provides.

True Real-Time Tracking

Unlike many other pet trackers that monitor your pet’s activity and location in real time but provide belated notifications, Findster Duo+ provides true real-time tracking, with notifications arriving instantly and all information available immediately in the Findster app. This is one of the major advantages of this tracker and one that makes it genuinely useful when your pet roams out of sight.


Findster Duo+ does not only allow you to monitor your pet’s current location and activity, it also provides a detailed history that allows you to view past walks and locations at any time.

Activity Tracker

Not only useful when your pet is out of sight, Findster Duo+ can help you make sure your pet’s daily needs are met as well. With its activity tracking feature, it allows you to view all key information about your pet’s activity, so you can be sure that he or she has met the daily goals and engaged in enough activity to stay happy and healthy.

Findster Duo+ Features


With the device’s built-in radar, you can always keep track of your distance from your pet. Distance data is constantly refreshed and you can easily locate your pet by following the handy map available in the app.

GPS Fences

GPS Fences is a particularly handy feature that comes in 3 forms: Virtual Leash, Safe Zone, and Danger Zone. Virtual Leash is a fenced circle centered in your position and it moves as you move. You can set the desired radius, no smaller than 55 yards, and get an automatic notification the moment your pet steps outside the given radius.

Safe Zone is stationary and fully customizable and it represents an area within which your pet can freely roam. If your pet goes beyond the given area, you are immediately notified.

Just like Safe Zone, Danger Zone is a custom-defined area, but it represents an area where your pet should not go. If your pet enters this area, you receive an automatic notification.


Due to Findster Duo+’s interconnectivity, you can share access to your pet’s location and activity with your family and friends. This allows you to track your pets remotely – by having someone close to your pet sharing your pet’s location and activity information with your Findster account. However, to take advantage of this possibility, you need to be connected to the Internet.

Findster Duo+ Coverage

Thanks to the unique MAZE technology developed by Findster Technologies, Findster Duo+ can work anywhere on the globe, even in the most remote areas. You and your pal can be off-grid, as the device does not require cell coverage or a SIM card. You just need to attach the Findster Duo+ pet module to your pet’s collar and you can take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go, no limits whatsoever.

How Much Does Findster Duo+ Cost?

You can purchase a single Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker for $149.99. If you purchase 2 devices, you pay $199.99. If you purchase 3 pet trackers at once, you pay just $249.99 in total for all 3 devices and save around $200. As stated previously in this Findster Duo+ review, there are no monthly fees; you only pay for the device.

Findster Duo Cost price

Each tracker you purchase includes 1 pet module, 1 guardian module, and 1 charger. All orders come with free worldwide shipping. It is good to know that Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Findster Duo+ Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of Findster Duo+ can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • Excellent design
  • Communication range of 3 miles
  • Cellular coverage not required
  • Works anywhere on the globe
  • Activity tracking included
  • Multitude of fun and useful features
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • No monthly fees
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


  • Communication range can be limited in urban areas
  • Virtual leash radius cannot be smaller than 55 yards

Bottom Line

Findster Duo+ is a cleverly designed GPS pet tracker that can help you keep an eye on your pet at all times, in real time, and also make sure your pal’s activity needs are met. It is waterproof, shockproof, lightweight, feature-rich, and easy to use. Its communication radius can be even greater than 3 miles in open spaces and it will work anywhere you go, regardless of cellular coverage. It only requires a one-time payment, with no monthly fees, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. It is an advanced pet tracking solution that promises great protection and freedom for your pet and peace of mind for you and absolutely delivers on the promise.

User Reviews (30)

Findster Duo+ customer rating based on 30 user reviews.

The Findster Duo+ reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Nancy Broyles | July 12, 2020

    I frankly doubt all the reviews that give Findster more than 1 star. Now I know why there no monthly service fee–there is no service. Someone above mentioned the poor customer service. I can’t even find a way to contact customer service. No phone number is provided and they do not respond to emails. DO NOT BUY!!!

  2. Jenny Chriswick | June 9, 2020

    I am only writing this review to save the life of a dog. I would hate someone to rely on this product only to find it does not work. I have now been testing thisproduct with 3 dogs running at large in a 60 acre paddock for 3 months. My conclusion is that this product is very unstable and not robust. 3 times in this period I relied on Findster to tell me where the dog was and each time I found that the module had disconnected and hence unable to be traced. You need a perfect storm of conditions for this product to work. I sent endless reports and emails back to Findster just to get an answer from computer output or FAQ. I finally got an admission that all my settings were correct and yet the system was not functioning. Along with constant reloading and resyncing of software, disconnection and reconnection, short battery period of 6 hours and modules falling off collars, I found the radar to be at least 90 degrees out and distance was way out. The delay in receiving the information meant the dog may have been 100m in front of you and off you head in that direction but the dog comes up to you from the rear.
    My advice would be to keep a whistle handy, train your dog to recall to it and keep your eyes on the dogs and not the Findster app.

  3. Clayton | May 20, 2020

    Received the Findster Duo+ in March 2020 hoping to get a wider area of tracking than my TabCat, but it has been a very exhausting experience. It is my opinion that it is not a good fit for a cat in a resdintial environement. To do what it says it will do, you need to be in a open environement where you might take a dog. Cats like to envestigate round structures and the Findster can’t track them accurately when that happens. It is a very temperamental system and I found it to be unreliabe as it does not work when you can least afford it. When it does work, it may drop its connection while you are on a walk and you can’t reconnect unless your pet comes back close enough to restart the tracking. You need to have a backup. Customer service is responsive to your feedback, but all you get is boiler plate solutions to try even though you have followed their procedures to the T. Problems have to submitted through their app, but you get email responses, no one on one conversations. Responses to issues are often not on point. It comes off as nothing more than a PR effort. No real help. If you want to pursue a refund, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops before they will consider offering it, and plain old customer satisfaction is not one of them. It’s tempting to be able to track your pet without a phone service fee, but you will probably end up throwing away $150 cost of the system instead.

  4. Erin Carpinito | May 12, 2020

    Do not purchase from this company. Don’t you think its odd that every review on their site is 100% happy. Im sure lot of marketing and review management goes on from this company to hide all the negative comments. Do a little digging you will find out that they are horrible. Charge you a month svc fee at sign up ( Hard to determine this unless you check your bank statements) Send you units that do not work and then request you pay to ship them back at customers expense. HORRIBLE customer service.. extremely rude… the lady must love her job! ALL AND ALL JUST A BAD PRODUCT/COMPANY.. GO to TAGG/Whistle way better company and service!

  5. Sabine Hellwig | April 11, 2020

    Probably one of the worst products I’ve ever purchased! The charging module is finicky and often does not connect properly via the magnetized contacts. The battery life is terrible. Even though advertised to work outside of cell reception range, the units will stop communicating, the app will crash or the app will show downright wrong information. Only a week ago my dog had chased after some wildlife and the Findster app told me he was half a mile uphill from me when he had in fact been caught and leashed by friendly fellow hikers a half mile in the exact opposite direction. I’ve had this product for nearly a year and it’s been a constant source of disappointed. Do not waste your money on this!

  6. John Hu | April 7, 2020

    I just purchased this product to use on multiple canine friends and cats (5 dogs and 2 cats).

    Right now I’m test using with three of our youngest dogs, puppies of just one year.

    At first this product seemed ideal for use here in rural North Eastern Thailand (I’m an American ex-pat) where no one leashes their dogs. Here they simply roam free and usually serve as an extra layer of security for farms and rural households. In fact leashing a dog in this environment is potentially detrimental since it could not defend itself or run away from aggressive packs of dogs, snakes, humans or other potential predators if so constrained.

    Frankly, it’s sort of like a canine Wild West albeit dogs here do have a degree of freedom that their city brethren could never have. So, I chose Findster Duo + for its ability to track in real time when our dogs are out and about roaming free.

    However at the moment the cons are step in step with the pros so I’m still not sure if Findster Duo + is a solution or just an expensive mistake. I haven’t used it long enough (one full day) to make an accurate judgement.

    Here are some of the initial problems encountered:

    1) Learning curve: It’s misleadingly steep. The company would like us to believe that you’re up and running within minutes after the modules are out of their boxes. Not so. I had to devote a full day of figuring out the ins and out before I could send our dogs out with their modules attached. A lot of unexpected and unnecessary stress was involved.

    2) One reason for the above is because your smartphone needs to have a compass/magnetometer in order to run the radar track function. Problem is: though this important bit of info is found in the Help Centre, it’s embedded amongst hundreds if not thousands of tidbits of technical information and not stated out front for customers before they buy.

    I found this out only after downloading the Findster App for use on a dedicated smartphone (an inexpensive Samsung J7 Galaxy Prime) which didn’t have a compass. Hence it could not support use of the Radar function. So I had to re-download the App onto my new Samsung A51.

    The problem here is my A51 goes with me when I travel on business. If I take this phone with me whilst away, tracking my tagged dogs becomes problematic at best. That’s why I wanted to have a dedicated smartphone which could be used by family to track when I’m not here on site.

    I’m not just splitting hairs here. What happens if your smartphone is minus a compass/magnetometer and it’s the only phone you have to use the Findster App with? If you’ve just spent $500 USD (in my case more because of customs duties) only to find out your phone cannot support the Radar function (arguably the most important feature for most customers) this becomes a potentially expensive mistake with no recourse other than to purchase a new smartphone with built-in compass/magnetometer.

    Not everyone can afford to do this. Fortunately we have additional smartphones w/magnetometers. Even still I’ll have to purchase another one w/compass in order to give my family dedicated tracking function when I’m not home. This is irritating to say the least. If I had known about this prior to my purchase I might have had second thoughts but I guess this is why the company prefers not to make customers aware of this fact from the get go.

    3) Collar attachment: I found this ridiculously difficult to figure out. It’s a button/snap system. We broke three of the button tabs before we figured out how to clasp the attachment onto a dog collar. Fortunately they do supply you with enough button and snaps to allow for such mistakes. Still it shouldn’t be this hard. The help video on this topic was too fast and not clearly visible. However, the instructions in the printed user manual are clearer and I suggest that anyone needing help with this refer to it. Unfortunately I’ve read other reviewers say that the attachment is faulty and the modules fall off. We’ll have to see if this is the case for us.

    4) Battery charger contact inconsistent: this is the biggest potential problem so far. Charging the Guardian and pet modules out of the box wasn’t a problem. The charging system worked okay and I actually charged two modules and the Guardian using an IMac Notebook’s USB port. I also purchased an external USB adapter. Both worked well for the initial charging of the units.

    Problem again here is after the modules were somewhat drained, I had noticeable difficulty recharging them after using them in the field. I just attempted a recharge of the pet modules after first use, but have discovered the connection (magnetic contacts) are now loose and inconsistent. I cleaned the contacts per instruction but the problem persists. It’s almost as if the contacts wear down or get recessed inwards after first use thus creating contact/connection problems with the charging unit. The Guardian seems to have no problem in this regard. But the pet modules are now very funky during recharge and require much jiggling and pushing before a proper contact is established.

    This is very disconcerting for obvious reasons, especially after a $500 USD purchase. BTW there is a video in the Help Centre on resetting the pet module’s battery. I haven’t tried this yet but may have to if the problem persists. Here’s the YouTube link:

    So though I really wanted to say this product is 5 Star and works well for our needs I can only recommend 2.5 stars at best due to the problems above and most significantly the uncertainty brought about by the loose battery contact issue.

    If you’re purchasing more than one Pet Module/Guardian unit think twice before shelling out more hard-earned cash.

  7. Howard Ray | March 2, 2020

    Simply put:

    – the units and software are finicky
    – sometimes the lights flash red or green when the button is pushed, sometimes they don’t
    – we have 2 senders and the app often hangs when trying to switch from one dog to the other
    – sometimes it says that it can’t find the unit even though everything is on and all together
    – the unit can only be linked to one phone so if different people walk the dogs they have to take the linked phone (or reset everything every time)

    On top of that, Findster customer support is terrible:
    – the units arrived late (after we had left for the trip we wanted to use them on) and Findster didn’t care
    – we were charged for “Findster Care” even though we did not sign up for it and Findster would not refund the money (our credit card company did)
    – we had to pay a brokerage fee to receive the package (we’re in Canada) and Findster said too bad

    We had high hopes but are sorely disappointed.

    • Terry | April 11, 2020

      How much was the brokerage fee?

  8. Imaan Garza | December 8, 2019

    This app is like a treasure map seriously. It was really the worst case scenario for me when my dog got away from our yard one time because someone left the gate open. I was able to track him down in 10 minutes, would be faster if I noticed right away, by following the route that was mapped in the app. All I did was follow the path that was provided by the app and found Max just down the road getting treats from the neighbour who recognized him and kept him occupied and well fed while I was on my way.

  9. Penny Gentry | December 2, 2019

    I think it needs more powerful battery since the one it has only lasts for 12 hours and less if you use it constantly with live tracker on. In case your dog really does get lost, the battery won’t hold for too long and you won’t be able to find your pet after that. Luckily the live tracking feature is really precise and you should be able to find your dog quickly in case it runs away or gets lost and the good thing is you can instal the app on any phone so locating your lost pup should be a piece of cake.

  10. Tamsin Flowers | November 28, 2019

    This tracker is lite and nice looking. It is easily adjustable to the dogs collar and you can carry your device on yourself in your wallet or anywhere else because it fits. I like that you hardly notice it is there except when you need it and it doesn’t bother either you or your pet. My dog moves freely around and I didn’t see him trying to take it down or anything. I’m relieved because otherwise he would scratch all the time trying to take it off and he would probably do it at some point and lose it somewhere. And I read that it is tough to break or damage so that’s a plus

  11. Tracy Adams | November 24, 2019

    You can connect your part of the tracker through bluetooth to see where your dog’s at at all times. You can see where he goes and the tracker sends you a notification if your dog goes out of the safe place which is a limited space you created he can move around freely. In case your dog leaves this place you will be able to follow him on your app so he doesn’t get lost. The tracking range is not limited for example I don’t need cell signal to work the app, it can function without it because it uses another technology which can work anywhere and doesn’t cost a penny.

  12. Ken S | November 19, 2019

    I live in an area that has spotty-to-no cellular coverage, so the Findster Duo+ seemed perfect. After using it for a couple of weeks, I like but do not love it. Here’s why:
    The Good
    – It works pretty well in a mountainous, forested environment. Range is not an issue. Accuracy is good enough, about what I expected from GPS in a less-than-ideal environment.
    – The “your order has shipped” email was really cute. Big companies have lawyers that stomp out all such fun.
    The Bad:
    – They force you to draw a virtual fence with the map zoomed out, so you can’t draw it accurately? Why? Because GPS isn’t accurate. So you end up with two sources of inaccuracy instead of one. It’s like saying “this gun isn’t accurate, so we’ll only let you use an inaccurate sight”.
    – The product is only “indicated” (recommended) for walks. Yet they have the virtual fence feature, which clearly isn’t for walks. I think pet monitoring, with the aid of a virtual fence, is something a lot of people would want.
    – The units recharge through magnetic connectors that would be super cool if they worked well. Unfortunately, they don’t. I usually have to fiddle with them a little or a lot to get the units to charge, even after cleaning the connectors with alcohol, per instructions.
    – They’re trying to be FitBit for pets. My phone is constantly giving notifications that my dog earned this badge or that badge. There’s nothing in the instructions about how to turn these silly notifications off.
    – You literally cannot end a “walk” (tracking mode) without having both units close to your phone. So every time my wife drives off with my dog riding shotgun, I can’t end the “walk” until he gets back. Annoying.
    – Actual battery life when tracking is less than 12 hours. As the batteries age, it will be even less.
    There’s a place with the Findster app to send feedback, so I sent some of the above observations as suggested improvements. The response? “Please do not send us multiple messages…” Obviously, the company wasn’t too receptive to my ideas.
    Bottom line, the hardware works well, and it’s a really good solution when you can’t or don’t want to use cellular-based tracking. All of the issues I have could be fixed with updated software, IF the company is listening.

  13. Liz cleary | November 4, 2019

    This could be a useful product however I did not have modules long enough to thoroughly try it. I bought two modules and both were lost in first two walks due to faulty rubber straps that hold modules to collars. I felt they were flimsy when I attached them and thought I probably should put a piece of electrical tape around it for insurance . Well I couldn’t find my tape and thought for the money spent I should not have to make modifications. Well I should have. Module was lost and by time I figured it out the battery was dead so I couldn’t back track to try to find it. Replacement modules are $80. Customer service said if broken strap could not be found they could only offer 20% off. Well strap was in woods with missing module, dog that was wearing it weighs 23 lbs. bichon poodle mix. Not a large dog by any means. Well I was very upset but I still had one module left for my other poodle bichon mix so I thought I would try it with him and pray the two dogs stayed together. Well once again module was lost, I was able to backtrack and found it next to tire strap which I took photos of and sent to customer service begging for a replace the for first module. I felt %100 failure rate for $200 system was un acceptable. Well I was offered %25 off next module . So with this said I’m horribly disappointed for I researched it for hours and felt it was what I needed for my dogs and our lifestyle . The faulty straps are a huge issue and company should address. Beloved pets could be easily lost. Pet owners are putting their trust in Findster and I sure didn’t feel they cared if my pet was lost or not . So I can not recommend this product,

    • Mike | March 9, 2020

      Very similar experience. Module came off in the first few hours attached to the pet and we could not track it. Customer service is rude and nonexistent. Would never consider this product again

  14. Anthony Hayne | October 23, 2019

    At frist it worked good although their are a lot of updates and you need Internet to get it to work out of the box as far as to set it up down load maps but it does work with out cell or Internet reception.
    Lately it’s had glitches at least on 1 module false location pits my dog over a mile away then back to my yard area and it did it often for a few days. After an update that stopped but it would still put him 20 yards to my left and he would be on my right . This is still a constant issue. Contacted support and they have been very helpful in the past. And of course keep my unit updated and now I am told that the gps location update needs to be updated every 2 hours for location accuracy. So much for no cell service to work. I live on a 600 acre ranch next to 20000 acres of wilderness ares cell service is poor at best . I also love the out doors and will be in wilderness areas with no cell or Internet for days and if I need updated modules and apps this is going to be a problem. So I am hoping that I can get this resolved but have given up not using this gps device for weeks it’s been a frustrating experience latley. It’s a new product hopefully they will be able to fix it or they will just go away. If you live in a city it will probably be fine up if your an outdoor enthusiast you may need to spend more money on a more reliable unit that truly needs no cell or Internet services.
    The radar mode is horrible never worked well at all the activity mode is ok. Hopefully I can get the issues fixed before I go to Yosemite National Park.

  15. Alan Considine | June 27, 2019

    I set off with hope in purchasing this system. Bought a control Module, and two units for my two hunting Labs. Appeared to go well, and learned that the Maps aren’t 100% accurate, but they do give you a rough idea where your dog is, and the big furry animal backs up the GPS position, so that helps.
    Then it started going wrong. Firstly, one of the units came off, in a paddock of high grass. It had been attached correctly on the dogs collar, but somehow had been bounced out. Couldn’t find it. Ended up strimming the grass down, hiring a metal detector for a week, but no sign?
    Findster offered me a 20% discount on a new unit. So I bought it. With the metal detector hire, I’m now £250 in.
    A few days later, awaiting the new unit, one of the dogs bit through the unit on the other dogs collar. This time, Findster could do nothing.
    So within 6 weeks of buying the system, I’m £250 down, don’t have two units, and have given up. An expensive lesson. Good luck with it, but I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, until they upgrade/improve it.

  16. Andy | May 23, 2019

    Having now used the Finster Duo+ for 6 months, I thought I would share my experience of it.
    Set up was very simple and easy to follow, The units only lasted for 30 min at first, so I let them charge for 24 Hours, and since, then they have worked Brilliantly.
    I originally was using the App on a Samsung Galaxy A3 phone , and found the the “Radar function ” was all over the place and my dogs position was incorrect. This is the function that I wanted most out off the Findster, as having A Parrsons Jack Russell Terrier. I was a little bit Disappointed by this.
    I recently upgrade to Huawei P30, and now the Radar function works 100%, and works well.
    Only other problem I have encountered is the Attachment to the Pet module, I found this quite an easy fix by super Glue, It is now permanently attached to the dogs collar.
    Range Tracking is very good when out in the open, and when My Terrier set off chasing something, it clearly showed him 500m away.
    This is a very good product, but some slight improvement would make this an excellent product.
    8 out of 10.

    • Martin Harford | July 8, 2019

      For those of you who are still losing your dogs for whatever reasons, I have a Tri-tronics (now Garmin) electronic collar. She is an Aussie trained to come at the drop of a hat when I activate the tone in her collar. She’ll leave off chasing rabbits, other dogs, anything and come running to me. Of course your dog will need to be trained to do so. If she ignored me in the early stages a mild to moderate shock solved the problem. Now I never have to shock her. My transmitter has a full 1 mile range. This is my second Aussie I have trained similarly. I want the GPS as back-up. She once got shut up in the neighbor’s garage by accident which could have been tragic. She COULDN’T come to me then. GPS may have located her but luckily the neighbors had not gone out of town and summer wasn’t here yet. Her electronic collar and training have given me yet another Aussie that is leash-free and remains Obedience Trial performing at all times. I’ll never own an untrained dog again. Untrained dogs are like perpetual toddlers as your side. A thoroughly trained dog is a joy!

  17. Alec McCallum | March 15, 2019

    The Findster Duo has a very short range, nowhere near to what they claim. I’ve found I loose contact with my dog as soon as he goes over a rise or a short way into the woods. I’ve tested it out in a straight line of site and found it looses contact after 4-500 feet. The battery life is also rather short, maybe 10-12 hours before needing a recharge. The radar feature is inaccurate. My dog went missing the other day and it showed him nearby in my back yard when he wasn’t. I would not recommend purchasing this product.

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