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UPDATED Feb. 2024
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Important Update! As of early 2021, you cannot buy Findster Duo+. They seem to be out of stock and their Amazon page is also not working. This has not changed for over a year. So, we recommend you take a look at our Fi Tracker review. And we will let you know if Findster Technologies restarts its production.

Findster Duo+ is an innovative GPS pet tracker that comes with no monthly fees. It was developed by Findster Technologies, a fast-growing California-based startup launched in 2015. It allows for real-time location and activity tracking, boasts a communication range of up to 3 miles, and does not require cell coverage, so you can keep track of your pet’s whereabouts no matter where you are.

Findster Duo+ hit the market in 2017 as an upgraded version of the company’s already well-known Findster Duo tracker and it has been generating quite a lot of attention ever since its launch. In this Findster Duo+ review, we will explore its key features in greater detail and help you discover whether it is the kind of pet tracker you have been seeking.

Findster Duo+ homepage

How Findster Duo+ Works

Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker comprises of 2 devices, that is, 2 modules – the pet module to be attached to your pal’s collar and the guardian module you should keep by your side. The pet module is equipped with GPS that communicates the pet’s location to the guardian module. In turn, the guardian module is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to view your pet’s activity and location information in the dedicated Findster app.

While this pet tracker performs multiple functions, all of which we will describe in the following sections of this Findster Duo+ review, its primary role is to help you easily track your pet in real time. It shows you the exact location of your pal, allows you to follow him or her via Findster app, and sends notifications as soon as your buddy leaves the safe zone, so you can find your pet immediately.

Like we said before, Findster Duo+ does not require cell coverage in order to work. It employs Findster Technologies’ proprietary MAZE technology. It is a unique communication protocol with frequency in the sub 1 GHz ISM band, which is in compliance with the FCC and CE directives. The MAZE technology functions independently, without the aid of telephone companies, which is why it works anywhere and everywhere. This independence is what allows this tracker to be 100% fee-free.

Findster Duo+ how work

Findster Duo+ Design

Findster Duo+ pet and guardian modules feature a rather sleek design. They come in the shape of a rounded rhomboid with pleasant shades of blue. The pet module comes with a simple, clasp-like collar strap attachment mechanism while the guardian module can either be attached to your keychain or you can carry it in your pocket.

The modules are incredibly lightweight, so both you and your pal can carry them without even noticing they are there. A single module weighs just 1.76 oz., which amounts to 50 grams, the weight of an average kiwifruit.

The pet module is designed to fit both small and large dogs and cats. With a height of 2 inches, width of 2.1 inches, and depth of just 0.5 inches, it can easily fit any collar.

Findster Duo+ Technical Specifications

It is time to discover what you can expect from your Findster Duo+ pet tracker in terms of water and impact resistance, battery life, GPS precision, communication range, and other important technical aspects.


According to the manufacturer, Findster Duo+ is tougher than the old Nokia 3310. It is highly durable, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged easily if your pet gets restless or if you drop your module.


Another highly useful feature of this tracker is that it is waterproof. It can withstand immersion of up to 3 feet of depth, that is, 1 meter, so your pet can even swim while wearing the tracker.


Findster Duo+ comes with a rechargeable battery. In comparison to its predecessor Findster Duo, Findster Duo+ comes with an extended battery life. Its battery can last for up to 5 days, depending on use. With live tracking on, the battery usually lasts for 12 hours.

Findster Duo+ Technical Specifications

Communication Range

Previously in this Findster Duo+ review, we said that the device has a communication range of up to 3 miles, that is, 4.8 km. However, it is important to note that the communication range can greatly vary depending on surroundings. It can be even greater than 3 miles in open spaces like beaches, national parks, and urban squares, with the record so far being 5 miles (8 km). In urban areas with a lot of tall buildings, the range may significantly decrease, but if the connection drops, the modules will attempt to reconnect until successful.

Distances Between Devices

While the guardian and pet modules can communicate within a range of approximately 3 miles, the distance between your smartphone and guardian module should be significantly smaller. You should always keep your guardian module no more than 2 yards away from your smartphone in order to allow for a Bluetooth connection to be established.

GPS Precision

The tracker features high-precision GPS that lets you easily locate your pet. With this GPS, the average error is just about 5 to 10 feet (1.5 to 3 meters).


Findster Duo+ pet and guardian modules come equipped with a LED light that allows you to track your pet more easily in the dark and provides important information about the device. The LED light lets you know if the modules are not paired (white light), if they are turning on (green, 3 times blinking) or off (red, 3 times blinking), if the battery level is good (green) or if the battery is low (amber), if the device is charging (amber), if the device is charged (green), if Firmware update process is running (blue), and more. You can even choose an identification color for pet modules, so you know which pet the module belongs to.

App Compatibility

Findster Duo+ app boasts great compatibility. It can work on virtually any smartphone. It was not designed to be used on tablets, but it can still work well on tablets that meet the minimum requirements, including Bluetooth 4.0+ (Bluetooth LE) and GPS. You can use it on iPhone 5+, iOS 9+, and Android 4.4+.

Findster Duo+ App

Findster Duo+ app is your assistant that provides all the information you need on your pet’s whereabouts and activity. It provides a map that tells you the distance between you and your pet and shows you the way to your furry friend. It allows you to set desired ranges and sends automatic notifications when your pet is out of range.

Findster Duo+ App

On top of that, the app allows you to easily keep track of your friend’s activity. It tells you how much time your pet spent walking, the distance he or she walked, measured in miles and paws, how much time your pal spent resting, and how many calories he or she burned. To make tracking more fun, Findster app allows you not only to view your pal’s activity stats but also compare them with stats of other Findster users’ pets with the fun Leaderboards feature. Plus, you and your friend can earn badges by reaching activity milestones and compete against other Findster users, which can be an exciting incentive to spend more time walking and having fun with your pet.

Findster app further provides useful reminders, for example, if your pet has not been walked yet. You can keep track of all your pets within the app, without any extra charges.

Findster Duo+ Features

Findster Duo+ is a feature-rich tracker that offers a multitude of handy tools, from true real-time tracking to remotely monitoring your pet’s location and activity with the help of your friends and family. Let us see exactly what kind of helpful features this tracker provides.

True Real-Time Tracking

Unlike many other pet trackers that monitor your pet’s activity and location in real time but provide belated notifications, Findster Duo+ provides true real-time tracking, with notifications arriving instantly and all information available immediately in the Findster app. This is one of the major advantages of this tracker and one that makes it genuinely useful when your pet roams out of sight.


Findster Duo+ does not only allow you to monitor your pet’s current location and activity, it also provides a detailed history that allows you to view past walks and locations at any time.

Activity Tracker

Not only useful when your pet is out of sight, Findster Duo+ can help you make sure your pet’s daily needs are met as well. With its activity tracking feature, it allows you to view all key information about your pet’s activity, so you can be sure that he or she has met the daily goals and engaged in enough activity to stay happy and healthy.

Findster Duo+ Features


With the device’s built-in radar, you can always keep track of your distance from your pet. Distance data is constantly refreshed and you can easily locate your pet by following the handy map available in the app.

GPS Fences

GPS Fences is a particularly handy feature that comes in 3 forms: Virtual Leash, Safe Zone, and Danger Zone. Virtual Leash is a fenced circle centered in your position and it moves as you move. You can set the desired radius, no smaller than 55 yards, and get an automatic notification the moment your pet steps outside the given radius.

Safe Zone is stationary and fully customizable and it represents an area within which your pet can freely roam. If your pet goes beyond the given area, you are immediately notified.

Just like Safe Zone, Danger Zone is a custom-defined area, but it represents an area where your pet should not go. If your pet enters this area, you receive an automatic notification.


Due to Findster Duo+’s interconnectivity, you can share access to your pet’s location and activity with your family and friends. This allows you to track your pets remotely – by having someone close to your pet sharing your pet’s location and activity information with your Findster account. However, to take advantage of this possibility, you need to be connected to the Internet.

Findster Duo+ Coverage

Thanks to the unique MAZE technology developed by Findster Technologies, Findster Duo+ can work anywhere on the globe, even in the most remote areas. You and your pal can be off-grid, as the device does not require cell coverage or a SIM card. You just need to attach the Findster Duo+ pet module to your pet’s collar and you can take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go, no limits whatsoever.

How Much Does Findster Duo+ Cost?

You can purchase a single Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker for $149.99. If you purchase 2 devices, you pay $199.99. If you purchase 3 pet trackers at once, you pay just $249.99 in total for all 3 devices and save around $200. As stated previously in this Findster Duo+ review, there are no monthly fees; you only pay for the device.

Findster Duo Cost price

Each tracker you purchase includes 1 pet module, 1 guardian module, and 1 charger. All orders come with free worldwide shipping. It is good to know that Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Findster Duo+ Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of Findster Duo+ can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • Excellent design
  • Communication range of 3 miles
  • Cellular coverage not required
  • Works anywhere on the globe
  • Activity tracking included
  • Multitude of fun and useful features
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • No monthly fees
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty


  • Communication range can be limited in urban areas
  • Virtual leash radius cannot be smaller than 55 yards

Bottom Line

Findster Duo+ is a cleverly designed GPS pet tracker that can help you keep an eye on your pet at all times, in real time, and also make sure your pal’s activity needs are met. It is waterproof, shockproof, lightweight, feature-rich, and easy to use. Its communication radius can be even greater than 3 miles in open spaces and it will work anywhere you go, regardless of cellular coverage. It only requires a one-time payment, with no monthly fees, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. It is an advanced pet tracking solution that promises great protection and freedom for your pet and peace of mind for you and absolutely delivers on the promise.

User Reviews (30)

Findster Duo+ customer rating based on 30 user reviews.

The Findster Duo+ reviews listed below reflect the opinions and experiences of real users and are in no way influenced by the company reviewed here. Before publishing each review, our team checks whether it was submitted by an actual user in an effort to prevent false or spammy reviews.

  1. Ann | November 20, 2022

    This company is a fraud. They have been charging me $3.99 for months and I stopped using it several months before that. It does not work. I sent two emails with no response to stop charging my credit card monthly. No response. The credit card company said I have to dispute the charges. There is no phone number for this company. The credit card company may be able to help . I have to call Monday. The credit card company said they could not just block Findster. They are cheating people.

  2. linda k | February 15, 2022

    Have had this for sometime now and I hate it, period… Just took my dog for a walk and when I look at the activity tracker he hasn’t walked at all. Could be operator error this time because the kicker is that you have to make sure the guardian is on and then start a walk which results in a barrage of dings that seem to last for like 2 minutes, so you best double check to see if the GPS and Guardian are both on.
    And when you set invisible fences again you will get lots of annoying beeps when you travel in and out of these. There should be a different alarm set for each fence.
    When I first received the device, I had a friend walk my dog and hid somewhere, I was never able to locate them, and walked in circles for about 10 minuets but to no avail.
    What I want is a tracker that warns me when my dog has escaped and beeps me his location. Guess that has not been invented yet. If your dog gets out with only his monitor on you can forget about finding him because it just won’t work without the guardian being connected.
    I am now buying another device that yes I will have to pay a monthly fee but it might just be worth it.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Robert Border Collie | December 22, 2021

    Worked well for a while, but now won’t pair . Many email conversation with the company customer service ended in frustration , so I sent it to their address in San Francisco. I was immediately told that was the wrong thing to do, that the package would be refused, and told to reconnect with them if and when it came back . They are immune to admonishment for poor customer service. , but I work in the criminal justice system ( jails ) and am used to oppositional behavior and will persist and win .

  4. Alaika Czerwinski | December 20, 2021

    I find the other reviews on here to be very interesting and relatable. My experience actually USING the Findster was fine, it worked about as well as I expected. I didn’t have any major issues until I lost the strap that secures the module to the collar. Here’s where my review becomes “don’t buy it”. The customer service was really bad. I asked to get (and BUY, wasn’t trying to get it free) a replacement strap. They told me I could only buy the strap and clip pieces in sets of 3, and the shipping was $20. That was $40 total for the a tiny replacement part. No way, not worth it. I decided to move on and just get something new. Fast forward 6 months or so, I start seeing CHARGES on my account from Findster. I didn’t even bother to call, they haven’t been helpful in the past, I just cancelled the card. My charges were $3.99, I saw another review where they were $4.03.
    Be careful with this company.

  5. Oliver Wales-Smith | December 6, 2021

    I bought Findster for my three dogs, and they worked well initially for a few months. Then there were problems with charging it, and then when my dogs went swimming, water went inside and the modules didn’t behave properly. Yes, I did clean the terminals with a toothbrush and alcohol. Having them less than a year, all the modules have packed up, even though I’d spent a lot of money on them. Findster looks good on paper, but it’s a gimmick that doesn’t work well. My advice is, if you can afford it, go for the Garmin dog trackers. I’ve had them over a year without any problems. Don’t waste your money on this.

  6. Justine Jones | May 31, 2021

    My findster stopped working 6 weeks after I bought it. I have been asking for a replacement since 2018 but am told to just buy another one….dodgy set up, hard to charge, buyer beware. They take no responsibility for selling a sub standard product.

  7. Alan Porter | May 26, 2021

    Takes some time to understand its capabilities and quirks. Have been able to set a nice safe zone and it does alert me when exited and returns. Not an instant locator , takes a few seconds (up to 10) to show changes in location. The biggest problem is keeping it on the dog. The first collor conecteor was velcro and game off and lost the 2nd day. Reordered the newer black snap in collor attachment that locks in , Great improvement. After about 3 month the “lock in” failed and have ordered a new one. Understand, i put in on every morning and take it off at bedtime, so about 100 times before it gave out. Came off twice and was able to track it down. Expect to put some money in replacemnt parts and read the instructions thouroughly!

  8. Abira Sathiyanathan | April 30, 2021

    I had a horrible experience with Findster. I got a pet tracker in December and was excited to use it because my dog loves to explore and I get nervous that she’ll run off and I’ll lose track of her.

    I started using the tracker and it was a bit tedious to connect the modules to the app on my phone but it was still good. Fast forward to two months later, my parent module completely stopped working. Also keep in mind that I only used the tracker maybe once weekly, so it did not have a lot of wear and tear yet. I contacted Findster immediately to try to repair or replace my tracker because it was completely unresponsive, no lights, no charge, no indication that it is still working. The customer service was HORRIBLE. I sent my concerns and photos of my module and asked for it to be replaced because it seemed like repairing it was not an option and I had hardly used the tracker so I didn’t cause any damage to it. Findster said I can repurchase a parent module to replace the one that had broke for $90 …. that’s pretty steep for me and I had already invested a lot of money into the tracker itself. My hope was that this tracker would last me a couple years at least before having to repurchase. I was completely disappointed in the product and my disappointment largely stemmed from the fact that my module just stopped working and Findster refused to replace it cost-free or acknowledge that it may be a defect in the product.

    Findster said that they will not be able to replace the product because there was water damage but I can confirm that there was NO water damage and it had only briefly been exposed to light rain where it continued to work. If the damage was do to light exposure to rain then the module would have stopped working immediately or a few days after. However, my module was working weeks after this incident. Also, I don’t think it’s practical for a pet tracker to stop working due to exposure to light rain so if you live in a rainy are BEWARE! However, I don’t think the light rain was the reason for the module to stop working, I think I got a defected product because I always had issues connecting as well (required many restarts, etc.).

    I do NOT recommend Findster and suggest you get a pet tracker with good customer service and a company that stands behind their product. Communicating with Findster has been a nightmare with short responses and no solution. Please stay away if you want to have support from the company if you have issues with your tracker.

    • Graeme | July 10, 2021

      Having had the Findster Duo + for a year and a bit now, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve (or rather, our dogs) have tested it extensively during this period.
      To cut a long-ish story short, the Findster experience has been a frustrating one.
      I’ll qualify that; the system and devices are really clever, and when they work, they are really brilliant.
      The problems we have had can be boiled down to two issues;
      These pet modules are NOT waterproof as stated in all the company blurb, and that is such a pity.
      The charger is so ANNOYING! Constantly fiddling with it and the devices trying to get the correct angle to make contact with the magnetic pins is a very frustrating and time consuming experience. And yes, I’ve cleaned the contacts and tried to remove any static charge that may be present.
      The waterproofing issues are the biggest problem by far, as dogs sometimes like to cool down by having a dip in one of the many irrigation pools dotted around the landscape here in central Portugal.
      The company website maintains that the modules are waterproof to one metre or 3 feet, which would be more than sufficient given that they paddle on the surface, and don’t engage in snorkelling or freediving.
      So clearly, they are not waterproof. Such a pity.
      The main positive from our Findster experience has been the good comms we’ve had with ‘Jane Jonson’. She has been quick to respond and very understanding with the waterproofing issues we’ve had, and has sent out several new pet modules as replacements. So many, in fact, that I’m starting to lose count! I would guess at maybe 4?
      Would I recommend Findster? Yes, but with the above reservations.

  9. Ashleigh | April 24, 2021

    Wow. A subscription is the exact opposite reason users want to leverage MAZE/GPS technology, Users sacrifice distance to use the Findster solution versus a Cellular GPS based collar to avoid monthly fees. Having a collar built with MAZE/GPS on a subscription model makes no sense, I might as well use cellular based collar so I’m not limited to the collar only working when close to the base station. This completely misses the mark of what people want and are asking for.

  10. Snooky | April 15, 2021

    It doesn’t work in the forest, not accurate at all. I need to return it. They says no problem will send you a autorization number and a label from DHL. After no response for more then a week and then they tell me that DHL have technical problem they can’t issu any label, weird! Now they don’t answer me at all. There is no phone number. I should have order it with Amazon at least they are doing something to help. It look like a serious business but it’s a fraud. What am I suppose to do now?

  11. PJ | April 12, 2021

    What a pity that I didn’t run into this forum before I ordered 🙁 Now I’m not even sure if the company still exists because they do not respond to me at all. I have received an incomplete package (without charger and belt) so can’t use the product. Now they don’t react to my emails so I can’t also return it. I did report them on – hope other people will do the same and they suffer legal consequences.

  12. Kathy DeSchinkel | April 5, 2021

    Well I bought it and took it out with me for a walk in the neighbourhood(lots of open area) with my son tracking on his phone. Does not even work. Tracks you even going in the wrong direction, looses contact constantly, other mention no battery life and poor charging capacity. But the very worst part is that they lie to you and give you all kinds of excuses about returning it. First they say oh just try it for another 30 days. (yes so they then can say no returns after 30 days) Next they tell you to try this and that well still does not work. Now I am getting that they cannot print out return label due to machine repair and then you get to the point where they don’t even answer your emails. Total waste of $140 this company totally sucks totally dishonest, TOTAL SCAM.

  13. Stephanie Force | March 5, 2021

    Buyers beware!

    When I ordered my tracker, it says it comes with a free month trial of their Vet subscription. When I created my app account to use the tracker, I didn’t enter in my card or order information, and I didn’t show any interest/use their vet messaging service. A month later I got a charge of $4.03. I was baffled and reached out to customer support immediately. They have not explained how they connected my card information to my app account and they have refused to refund me my money. Looking through their community comments on their Maven page, I’m not the only one who has been through this. As $4.03 is such a small amount- many other people may be subscribed without realising it.

    Definitely check your bank statements!

    It’s such a shame because I really wanted to use a “No Monthly Fees” device that was effective while hiking. I did hours and hours of research and this was the best fit for that need. But now I just can’t trust the technology if the company itself isn’t dedicated to supporting its customers.

  14. Laura | March 5, 2021

    I bought them for my three dogs. I find them to be awkward on their collates. My Rottweiler was able to get it off a few times and ate it the last time. It’s not good for little dogs either because it hangs. So kind of pointless. I do like the reasonable price and that their is no subscription. I really need to find a device that doesn’t hang off the collar.

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