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UPDATED May. 2020
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PetTracer is a cat tracker that combines radio-frequency with GPS tracking to monitor your pet’s location both inside your home and in the great outdoors. It is also a perfect example of a device that comes with a built-in direction finder that can function even without GPS reception. 

Keep reading this comprehensive PetTracer review to learn more about this unique device and see if it works for your feline friends. 

PetTracer printscreen homepage

How PetTracer Works

PetTracer comes with high-precision GPS that allows you to monitor your cat’s location once he or she exits your home or area around your house. Furthermore, it is also equipped with an integrated direction finder that helps you locate your pet in closed spaces like rooms and garages.  

PetTracer does not come with a dedicated app so you have to track your pet’s whereabouts and activity through your personal account on the company’s online portal. The digital map will show your pet’s routes at any given time either in the form of a line or heat signature. If you track multiple cats, their movements will be marked with different (customizable) colors.  

PetTracer Design

The collar comes with all the necessary electronics required to track your cat and its robust design ensures longevity no matter how adventurous your pet may be. The collar weight only 34g, which is so lightweight even kittens can wear it the moment they grow into it. The collar comes with a nylon strap that allows you to modify the size of the unit. In other words, it is basically a one-size-fits-all product. Apart from the collar, you will also receive a HomeStation that can track up to 5 cats at the same time. Note that you need separate collars for every cat.  

PetTracer design pet tracker and cat

Weight is balanced evenly throughout the collar, which makes it very comfortable to wear. Its ergonomic shape even lets you attach it to your pet’s neck over thick collars. The official site states that the unit is weatherproof, which should mean that it can withstand rain and similar outside influences. The integrated white LED light will help you locate your cat in low-visibility conditions or at night.  

Finally, the PetTracer collar is designed to auto-release if your cat gets into any kind of trouble in order to prevent accidental suffocation.  

PetTracer Technical Specification

As we already mentioned in this PetTracer review, the collar comes with an integrated GPS module but can also utilize radio frequencies to engage its direction-finding function. This allows it to track your pet outside of your home but also in areas where GPS cannot reach, including your house, garage, apartment, and other enclosed locations.  

PetTracer for cat

The battery can last around 30 days, depending on the overall activity of your cat and your selected GPS position interval.  

PetTracer Features

In this section of our PetTracer review, we will go over some of the most important features offered by the PetTracer collar to help you determine if this is the right solution for you and your cat(s).

High-Sensitivity GPS

PetTracer comes with an integrated GPS antenna that enables you to monitor your cat’s location on your personal PetTracer account.  

Direction Finder

Apart from GPS, PetTracer also provides you with a radio-frequency direction finder designed to locate your pet indoors.   

PetTracer cat and map tracker on smart device

Durable Design

PetTracer is made of hard plastic with a tough nylon band for additional flexibility and comfort. This also makes it a one-size-fits-all unit so you do not have to think about sizing if you decide to purchase it.  


The unit weighs only 34g, which ensures optimal comfort regardless of the size of your cat.  

Safety Lock

The one-click safety lock will open the moment your cat gets into trouble.  

How Much Does PetTracer Cost?

The PetTracer set (GPS collar + HomeStations) currently costs CHF 198.00 and individual collars are sold for CHF 119.00. One Swiss Franc is worth $0.99 so the prices are marginally different when expressed in US dollars.  

PetTracer units, however, require a subscription. Here is a list of the available options: 

  • BASIC (12 months – CHF 108.00; 24 months – CHF 192.00; 36 months – CHF 252.00; 48 months – CHF 288.00) – PetTracer Set or a single collar 
  • PLUS (12 months – CHF 216.00; 24 months – CHF 384.00; 36 months – CHF 504.00; 48 months – CHF 576.00) – Up to 5 cat collars 

The subscription is NOT renewed automatically so there are no hidden costs or fees and you do not have to worry about missing the cut-off date and renewing your subscription without meaning to do so.    

PetTracer Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of PetTracer can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • High-precision GPS  
  • Radio-frequency direction finder 
  • Rugged and comfortable collar with an adjustable strap 
  • Integrated LED light 
  • Quick-release feature for extra safety 
  • Only 34g 
  • Up to 30 days of battery life 


  • Requires a subscription 
  • Min 1-year subscription 

Bottom Line

PetTracer is an interesting pet tracker with a couple of attractive features and a bunch of information the manufacturer failed to provide. For example, we do not know anything about the coverage of the unit and all of the mentioned features are explained vaguely and sound more like a marketing strategy than actual features. We also do not like the idea of a mandatory subscription in order to use the product.  

Bottom line, this PetTracer review revealed a decent albeit costly unit that can track your pet inside your home as well as outside. The official website needs some work and the features offered by the device need to be explained better and complemented with some additional information we would like to have before making a purchase and potentially committing to a 1-year (or longer) subscription.  

User Reviews (3)

PetTracer customer rating based on 3 user reviews.

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  1. Lisa Gunn | April 24, 2020

    Love pettracer so much. After trying many different trackers and wasting a lot of money I found one that works well. The battery doesnt last 30 days but almost two weeks for my fur baby.
    It now has an app for iphone which is the same as using the website map. They are still a small company and you can actually have a chat with them easily on facebook chat and on the email.

  2. David | March 18, 2020

    Brilliant tracker, have been using it for months to know where my little rascal goes. They now have an app too !

  3. tony kelly | November 17, 2019

    This is my first time using a cat tracker and as far as im concerned its really good.
    the collar is light and slightly soft and can fir cats with small necks,mine is 1 year and 2 months old and fits him just right if i tighten the strap.
    nothing is perfect with gadgets and only thing it needs is an app which they said is due out next year,however it works find using their web portal and i saved link to homescreen on my smartphone.
    i had trouble setting it up at first and support messaged me via facebook messenger on a saturday afternoon and we sorted it all out.
    its very light and battery lasts ok not tested it fully yet and ive had it on fast all the time.
    it does the job and im happy knowing where my cat is all the time.only downside is the subscription your tied into for one year.
    at 12.99 monthly from,.,it sounds expensive.but thats ok.
    def worth it though

  4. Ingrid 115 | May 27, 2019

    No app but you can look at the results on your account. The collar is not as sleek as it looked in the pictures but it works and does a decent job.  

  5. Mario Schwarz | February 14, 2019

    Ok tracker for the price I guess but nothing special. 

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