Do Pet Trackers Work Abroad

January 17, 2019

Pets tend to react negatively to unfamiliar surroundings, so if you decide to take a trip with your cat or dog, you need to go through an extensive preparation process to make the whole experience easier and more pleasant for both your furry friend and yourself. 

Still, after all that, your pet might still run away and get lost and disoriented, at which point no data collar or tag of any sort will be of much use. But what about high-quality pet trackers? Will they work even if you travel abroad with your pet? Keep on reading to find out. 

Pet Trackers Work Abroad

Will My Pet Tracker Work Abroad? 

At first, the answer to this question appears to be much simpler than one would imagine. The coverage of any particular device hinges solely on its quality and implemented technologies. In other words, you want to purchase a pet tracker coming from a reputable manufacturer regardless of whether you are actually planning to travel with your pet or not.  

When choosing a pet tracker for traveling, you need to get one that does not rely on any cellular networks, which automatically means it should be able to function pretty much anywhere in the world. Bluetooth units, however, are not recommended for going abroad with your pet since their communication range is limited to distances between 30 and 100 feet. 

As far as specific models are concerned, Findster Duo+ is an excellent option since it provides its users with flawless real-time coverage around the globe, which includes even the most isolated and remote of areas. Some devices like Tractive GPS work in 150+ countries while Pod 3 covers 175+ countries on 6 continents. On the other hand, units like Whistle and LINK AKC are limited to the US.  

Apart from the overall coverage, you also have to keep the legal side of things in mind. For example, Garmin Astro 430 does not have limited coverage per se but can only be used within the US due to legal regulations. 

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