DOTT Pet Tracker Review

UPDATED Feb. 2024
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Described as the “Best invention” by MSN Money and included in “The Best 5 Pet Gadgets You Should Buy” by TechnoNerd, DOTT The Smart Dog Tag is a Bluetooth pet tracker for both dogs and cat.

In our objective DOTT pet tracker review, you will find all you need to know about how this affordable product works and what features it offers. We will provide you with detailed information about the key advantages and limitations of this interesting device, which does not only come with location tracking but enables owners to keep a record of their pets’ activities too.

DOTT Pet Tracker product box

How DOTT Pet Tracker Works

DOTT pet tracker is a small tag that you attach to your pet’s collar. In order to start using it, you need to have the dedicated DOTTpet app installed on your smartphone and you need to pair your smartphone with the tracker. This lets you use your phone as a “virtual leash” with a range of 350 feet (about 100 meters).

The app will send you a notification in case your pet goes out of range. If your pet goes missing, you need to report it in the app in order to enable the auto-tracking option, which will allow you to locate him or her. The DOTT tag on your pet’s collar continuously emits a signal that can be picked up by your smartphone or by the smartphone of any other user of the DOTTpet app who is within 350 feet from the tracker. To increase the chances of locating your pet, you can expand your search network by sharing the DOTTpet app with family, friends, and neighbors. When the signal is detected, you will immediately be notified of your pet’s location.

DOTT-Pet-Tracker virtual leash

DOTT pet tracker communicates with your smartphone (and other nearby smartphones that have the DOTTpet app installed) by emitting a low-energy Bluetooth signal. This product relies on a community of DOTTpet app users in finding lost pets. The bigger the community, the better your chances of locating your lost pet.

With the DOTTpet app, you can also keep a record of your pet’s daily activities, including walks, food intake, potty breaks, medication, and more.

DOTT Pet Tracker Design

DOTT pet tracker comes in the form of a small, round plastic tag. It is white and has a blue button in the middle. There is only one color variation available. Measuring 0.6 inches in radius (1.52 cm) and weighing only 0.25 oz. (7 grams), the tag can be attached to any type of collar with the metal ring attachment that comes with the device. The tag is laser engravable, so you can engrave your details on the tracker.

The information on the recommended pet size is not provided on the manufacturer’s website. However, given the dimensions and weight of the device, we can safely assume that it can be comfortably worn by cats and dogs of virtually all sizes, including kittens and puppies.

DOTT Pet Tracker Technical Specifications

In this section of our DOTT pet tracker review, we talk about the technical characteristics of this affordable product, such as water and impact resistance and battery life.

Water Resistant

The manufacturer claims that the tag is water resistant but provides no official water resistance rating to support the claim. Even though your device should remain functional when exposed to rain or slight splashes, we would definitely not recommend using it when you take your dog swimming.

DOTT-Pet-Tracker dog with its owner


According to the information provided on the manufacturer’s website, the device can withstand a force of 900N. This is a useful piece of information for owners of fun-loving pets that enjoy rough play.

Battery Life

DOTT comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery with a lifespan from 6 to 9 months, which is very good for a Bluetooth pet tracker. However, with frequent use, the battery on your device may not last that long. Fortunately, batteries of this type are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Communication Range

The maximum communication range between your smartphone and the tag is 350 fee, which is pretty impressive for a Bluetooth pet tracker. If the distance between the two devices is larger than that, your smartphone will not be able to pick up the signal from the tag. However, you can expect this communication range only in perfect conditions – the range heavily depends on the surroundings and can be greatly reduced in the presence of major obstacles.

App Compatibility

The DOTTpet app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices (iOS 9.3 or above). The beta version of the app is now available for Android smartphones.

DOTT Pet Tracker App

The DOTTpet app is not designed only for people who purchased the tracker. The concept behind DOTT pet tracker heavily depends on the community of app users. Thus, everyone who wants to become a member of the DOTT community can install the app free of charge and help locate lost pets. The ultimate goal is to create a safer community for pets by connecting friends and neighbors.

The app announces lost pet information on the map and enables you to get instant support from the DOTT community in locating your lost pet. In addition to that, the app helps you avoid dangers by providing community alerts and weather warnings. It is designed to simplify daily pet care as well, serving as a health journal for your pet and enabling multiple caretakers to share their pet care responsibilities through real-time activity updates. You can use most of these features even if you do not own a tracker.

DOTT Pet Tracker smart app

DOTT Pet Tracker Features

DOTT is a community-based Bluetooth tracker that not only tracks your pet’s location but also aims to serve as an all-in-one pet care solution. Let’s take a closer look at the key features of this device.

Location Tracking

As previously mentioned in our DOTT pet tracker review, the device enables you to keep track of your pet’s location when he or she is within the specified communication range (350 feet in open space). The position of your pet is shown in the app on the integrated Google Maps. The manufacturer does not give precise information on the accuracy of the displayed location, but when it comes to accuracy, you should not expect too much from this device.

In case your pet goes missing, you can walk or drive through the neighborhood to try to detect the signal from the DOTT tag.

Community Pet Tracking

In case you lose your pet, you need to report it in the app. This way, you will enable in-app auto-tracking, which means that the app will continuously scan for the signal of the DOTT tag. A lost pet poster will be generated and displayed on the map of all the app users in the area. The DOTT tag on your lost pet will continuously emit a signal with a coverage of up to 384,844 sq. feet (equal to 85 standard basketball courts).

You will be notified of your pet’s location as soon as the DOTT tag is detected within the radius of someone who uses the app. As we previously stated, if you have a big community of DOTTpet app users in your area, you will most likely locate your pet. However, if there are no users around, DOTT is not of much use.

DOTT Pet Tracker a dog lying on the sand

Virtual Leash

By turning on the virtual leash option in your DOTTpet app, you set up a safe zone for your pet with the radius of 350 feet in all directions, which is equal to the maximum communication range of the device. The central point of the virtual leash is your smartphone. Whenever the pet “breaks” the virtual leash, that is, goes out of range, the app will send you a notification. You will also be notified when your furry companion returns back in range. This option may be particularly useful when you walk your pet without a leash.

The problem with this feature is that interferences or environmental factors of your location (e.g. signals from Wi-Fi, computers or other electronic devices) may cause a temporary disconnection. In that case, the app will send you a false alert that your pet is out of range.

Health Journal

The device helps you with the day-to-day care of your furry companion. It allows you to monitor your pet’s well-being by keeping a record of his or her walks, potty breaks, food intake, and medication. By tracking the duration and distance of walks, owners can make sure that their pets are properly exercised.

Sharing Responsibilities With Multiple Caretakers

This is a useful feature if more than one person takes care of the pet. Each caretaker has to install the app on his or her smartphone. Using the app, each of them can share status updates related to pet care.

DOTT Pet Tracker find pet app

DOTT Pet Tracker Coverage

Given the fact that DOTT pet tracker relies on Bluetooth technology and does not require any external services to work, you can use it anywhere on the globe free of charge. However, remember that the usefulness of this device depends on the number of people who use the DOTTpet app in your surrounding area.

How Much Does DOTT Pet Tracker Cost?

DOTT pet tracker is available on Amazon for about 40 dollars. Free shipping is provided in the USA. The product comes with a one-month warranty. If your device malfunctions within that time period, the manufacturer will either repair it or provide you with a replacement or refund.

DOTT Pet Tracker Pros & Cons

Knowing the biggest strenghts and weaknesses of DOTT Pet Tracker can help you decide if it is the right pet tracker for your furry friend. Here is a quick overview of its pros and cons.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Virtual leash
  • Good communication range for a Bluetooth tracker
  • Pet health journal
  • Affordable
  • No subscription fees
  • Very good battery


  • Usefulness depends on the number of DOTTpet app users in your area
  • Limited accuracy
  • Occasional false alerts

Bottom Line

DOTT is a community-based pet tracker with a very good communication range considering it relies on Bluetooth technology. As a water resistant device with a long battery lifespan, this pet tracker is an affordable solution for monitoring your pet’s location and keeping track of his or her daily activities. However, when it comes to finding lost pets, keep in mind that its usefulness depends on the size of the DOTTpet app community in your local area.

User Reviews (2)

DOTT Pet Tracker customer rating based on 2 user reviews.

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  1. Ricky Lucas | May 14, 2020

    The product from purchase to delivery up until fielding it for 3 days was awful. First Issue that I have for this product was the response time and the lack of courtesy in responding when being contacted . I ordered online and got an order confirmation which I assume is auto generated by their system. Like most of my online buying experience, a shipping advisory comes in within a day at most. This one did not. I thought about giving it a week, understanding that there has been multiple lock-downs in the country due to the pandemic and they might be running with minimum manning. A week went by without hearing from them, I emailed them through their only contact link in their site ( UX on their web site also gets a very low score for me). They have no means to cancel an order in their website. I conveyed to them on the email that it has been a week and a day and if don’t get any response then I assume they might have halted their operations and I’m canceling my order (The payment company I used has already logged the transaction). Yet a day after, no response. I contacted my payment company to cancel the transaction. However, it still takes time to investigate and they want to contact DOTT themselves. I just gave up and called it a loss and no need to stress over $49 dollars. Anyways, during those times I came across a similar type of product in a grocery shelve. I repeat, IN A GROCERY SHELVE FOR ALMOST HALF THE PRICE. AAAAND it had a larger community of users, more options of fitting it to my pet (Cat), and the user interface on the app was more intuitive, robust features (Even shows you an estimate of how far away plus whatever the DOTT app has). However, I would not have known since I could not compare because I don’t have the product I ordered.

    I apologize for the long intro. After a week and five days from when I sent my email and trying to cancel the transaction from my payment company, I got a shipping confirmation (System generated). Yet, no explanation/response from the email I sent. Finally, after 3 weeks and 6 days from ordering, I got it. I unboxed it, took the other pet tracker out and first thing I noticed is how cheap it looked like compared to the half priced tracker that is already on my cat. I was only hoping that it would be more powerful in transmitting location because the other tracker can only see my cat a little over a hundred feet (estimate). This DOTT tag can see my cat a bit further but does not give me distance information. The tag only has a key ring to attach it to the collar and is dangling. Sometimes, impedes my cat from drinking on his bowl because it sits too low. The significant failure of this product is it stopped working after just three days. Every morning my cat comes back from his evening stroll and at that time I also turn my phone app on to alert me when he is near so I can open the door for him. This morning (3rd day from fielding the product), I heard my cat knocking on the door and I let him in the house and the app is still indicating that my cat is still outside the area and searching even if his right in front of me. To be honest I was just sick of it and did not even bother to troubleshoot it anymore. It went straight to the trash can for failing my expectations which wasn’t really as high because I’m already aware of the limitations of the underlying technology commonly used on these budget trackers. I’m not even seeking any refund. They can keep my $49(tax and shipping included) however, they’ll have this review because I feel responsible to share this experience to other consumers to make well informed decisions.

  2. Jack Green | March 20, 2019

    This device will only give you in and out of range alerts. It doesn’t give you the exact location of your pet, just notifies you when your pet is within range.

  3. Gary Adams | January 20, 2019

    Good concept but still in the early stage. I bought this because I saw it had many positive reviews and it was a reasonable price. However, I don’t know how useful it is when you need to locate a lost pet.

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