What Is A Pet GPS Tracker?

May 27, 2018

Pet GPS trackers are currently the most widely used kind of pet wearables in the world. They help you keep your best pal safe by informing you about his or her location at all times and providing useful notifications that can help you prevent your pet from getting lost.

In this useful guide, we will offer simple explanations of what a pet GPS tracker is, how it works, what kinds of pet GPS trackers exist, and how a pet GPS tracker can help you keep your best friend safe.

What Is A Pet GPS Tracker?

Pet GPS Tracker 101

A pet GPS tracker is a tracking device that uses GPS technology to determine your pet’s location. It normally comes in the form of a small, lightweight tracking unit attached to your pet’s collar or harness. The tracking unit establishes a connection with GPS satellites and thus obtains the coordinates that are further sent to your smartphone.

A pet GPS tracker usually comes with its own dedicated app that allows you to view your pet’s location information, adjust settings, and receive important notifications. However, pet GPS trackers differ in terms of the way location information is sent from the tracking unit to your smartphone. You can opt for a cellular pet GPS tracker or a mixed pet GPS tracker.

Cellular Pet GPS Trackers

Cellular pet GPS trackers use cellular networks to transfer location information from the tracking unit to your smartphone. Thus, they can work anywhere within cellular coverage and they can work over any distance, as long as they can establish a connection with GPS satellites and there is a cellular network available. Some of the best cellular pet GPS trackers currently available include LINK AKC smart collar, Tractive GPS, Paw Tracker, and Find My Pet Nano.

Mixed Pet GPS Trackers

Mixed or multi-tech pet GPS trackers do not rely on cellular networks. Instead, they usually use their own proprietary technologies to enable location information transfer. Due to the limitations of such technology, they cannot work over any distance, although their communication range can be impressive. Their main advantage is that they can work anywhere on the globe. A good example of a mixed or multi-tech pet GPS tracker is Findster Duo+, which is also one of the best pet trackers currently available.

Using A Pet GPS Tracker

Using A Pet GPS Tracker

Pet GPS trackers are generally rather easy to use. You simply need to attach the tracking unit to your pet’s collar or harness. Some pet GPS trackers even come with a collar included. The device may use disposable or rechargeable batteries and, as far as the tracking unit is concerned, you just need to make sure you replace or recharge the battery on time.

In order to use the tracker, you need to download and install the tracker’s dedicated app. Within the app, you can view your pet’s location, define safe zones within which your pet can safely move, and much more, depending on the features available with the pet tracker of your choice. Location information is normally displayed on a map, so you can track your pet more efficiently.

Of course, you do not have to check your pet’s location every minute in order to make sure he or she is safe. A pet GPS tracker does the work for you and notifies you if there are any changes in your pet’s location or movement that would require you to take measures to prevent him or her from wandering off. For example, the tracker could notify you if your pet leaves the safe zone you defined or if your pet suddenly starts moving at a greater speed. That way, it allows you to relax, knowing that you have an assistant that keeps an eye on your pet 24/7 and instantly notifies you if there is any reason to worry.

Bottom Line

To conclude, a pet GPS tracker is a highly useful, easy-to-use tracking device that uses GPS, cellular, and other technologies to determine your pet’s location and send location information to your smartphone. It monitors your pet’s location round the clock and provides instant alerts in case of undesired changes in your pet’s location and movement. It is a device that allows you to always know where your pet is and make sure he or she is never too far from home. In other words, it is the ultimate pet sitter available whenever you need one.

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