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fi review

Fi Tracker Review

Advanced Pet Tracker With A Battery Life Of Up To 3 Months

Fi tracker is a modern pet tracker primarily designed to locate lost dogs and monitor their location and activity levels on a daily basis. The collar comes packed with numerous impressive features and has a battery that can last up to 3 months. Read this honest and comprehensive Fi tracker review to learn more and see if the unit works for you.

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Findster Duo Logo

Findster Duo+ Review

Advanced & Fee-Free GPS Pet Tracker

Findster Duo+ is a GPS pet tracker that allows you to track your pet’s location and activity in real time within a 3-mile radius, receive alerts when your pal is out of the desired range, remotely track his or her whereabouts with the help of friends and family, and much more. Discover all the key features of this advanced tracker in our Findster Duo+ review.

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Tractive GPS reviews

Tractive GPS Pet Tracker Review

Fast & Reliable GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive GPS is a GPS pet tracker for dogs and cats that allows for easy tracking in real time. It boasts worldwide coverage, an unlimited connection range, plenty of extra tracking features, and a highly attractive design. Discover what makes this GPS pet tracking solution superior to its competitors in our comprehensive Tractive GPS review.

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Pet Tracker Vs. Microchip

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Every pet owner fears the idea of losing their pet. With one in every three pets lost or stolen each year, it is understandable that you want to take every precaution to keep your furry family member safe. In this guide, we talk about the differences between microchipping and pet trackers and help you determine which option is right for your pet.

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How To Choose The Right Pet Tracker

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If you would like to know where your pet is and what he or she is up to at any time, a pet tracker is the right gadget for you. However, choosing the right pet tracker for your furry family member is not always easy. Read this post to learn what qualities a top-quality pet tracker should have.

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Benefits Of Getting A Pet Tracker

March 7, 2019

Various studies have shown that, aside from losing a member of your immediate family, the greatest stress comes from losing a pet. Read this blog post to learn more about some of the greatest advantages of using a pet tracker that will make keeping track of your favorite feline or canine friend virtually effortless.

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